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Beat the odds with better games

Create gambling and casino games for mobile, web browser, and cabinets with access to Unity gambling experts who will guide you to the right tools and solutions to keep your players engaged.
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Play your cards right with Unity’s gamedev platform

Build 2D and 3D gambling games with Unity’s leading game-creation tools and deploy them to mobile, web browsers, and cabinets.

The winning hand in casino game development

Reach players on mobile, browsers, and cabinets

Create games that you can deploy to millions of devices and access full WebGL support that enables immersive gameplay experience.

Immerse your players with engaging visuals

Leverage the power of Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and powerful 2D tools to build gameplay experiences that keep players playing.

Speed up development with low-code solutions

Increase your velocity and reduce time to market with solutions that simplify development and let you iterate faster.

Get industry-leading expertise to guide your success

With deep expertise in the industry, Unity gambling experts provide consultancy and codevelopment solutions that help make your games successful.

We are excited by the opportunities offered by combining IGT’s world-class platform and game development with the power and productivity of the Unity Engine. This is an important step in helping us produce our next generation of industry-leading games.

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Hit the jackpot with Unity’s 2D and 3D creation tools

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Raise the stakes with our downloadable projects

Spartan Slots sample project

Get the Spartan Slots demo and access starter sample code to customize Timeline Markers, Signals, and more. Contact our Sales team to receive the downloadable demo.

Happy Harvest sample project

Happy Harvest is an official Unity sample project that showcases the capabilities of the native 2D tools in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in Unity 2022 LTS.

Gem Hunter Match sample project

Gem Hunter Match is an official Unity sample that shows how to make static objects and casual gameplay more visually appealing with 2D lighting in URP.

Stack the deck with Unity

Leverage the power of Unity’s 2D and 3D creation tools, consultancy, codevelopment solutions, and our Unity gambling experts to build immersive gameplay experiences that keep players playing.

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