Version control for artists

Artists need version control that empowers them to create without compromise. Check out the files you need and get going with Unity Version Control. It’s really that simple.

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Version control for every workflow

When artists and programmers work in harmony, they make magic – but they need different tools to make it happen. Avoid creative differences and project delays with Unity Version Control, a lean version control system built for game development. Separate user interfaces for artists and programmers means Unity Version Control benefits every workflow.

Goodbye Volcano High keyart

Goodbye Volcano High by KO_OP

Benefits for artists

Version control for artists in Unity
Create with comfort

Separate workflows, same repo. Work in-Editor (Unity or Unreal) or in Gluon, Version Control’s GUI for artists. Access and edit relevant files and submit your changes easily.

Lock files with version control
Lock files for peace of mind

No more lost work. Prevent others from working on the same file you’re working on by locking images, animations, simulation data, 3D files, and other file types common in gamedev.

Plastic SCM large files
Manage large binary files

Work with any file type. Unity Version Control handles everything from character models to cutscenes with checkin and update speeds 5–8x faster than any other solution, and it’s built to scale.

Version control for individual files
Work with individual files

Focus on what matters. Create quickly by accessing only the files you need. Version Control’s flexibility means you never need to download the entire code repository.

Key features

Unity’s DevOps solutions give you a wide range of functionality while keeping things simple. See something missing from the list? Check out our DevOps roadmap.

Changelists in Unity Version control


Organize your work better using changelists. As an artist, you’re likely working with thousands of files; with changelists, you can create meaningful groups of files by specific task. If there’s an error or something else you need to address, you can find the specific set of changes in that group instead of checking thousands of files. This helps free up time to focus on the task at hand, rather than working through the kinks of a system.

Plastic SCM over Gluon

Work with only what you need

Artists need to be able to work without worrying about lost progress. Unity Version Control lets you manage your project files confidently and independently, without relying on programmers.

To ensure you’re working on the most up-to-date files, the system can automatically scan your workspace for changes. Out-of-date files are clearly labeled, so you can be sure you’re always working on the latest version.

Check in Unity Version Control in Editor

Manage files within Unity

If you don’t want to leave the Editor, you can also manage your project files directly in Unity. Both programmers and artists have this capability, ensuring that you’re always working on the most recent version of your codebase or project files.

Image Diff and Content Review in Plastic SCM

Image file-specific review

Easily compare two versions of the same graphics file with the built-in image diff tool. It works with a variety of file formats and can show images side-by-side, provide an “onion skin” preview, calculate differences, do a “swipe” and diff the image properties in text format, and more.

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Set up Unity Version Control for your project

Want to get up and running quickly? These instructions can help your system admins set up Unity’s version control in just a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use Unity Version Control and Gluon on the same project?

Yes, but these are two separate workspaces. Typically, artists use the Gluon interface or just work inside the Editor, while developers or developer leads use the regular Version Control interface for more advanced functionality.

Can you change from a Gluon workspace back to UVC?

Yes, you can do so by opening the workspace with the Version Control GUI, then selecting “run and update” and changing to “full mode.”

What collaboration tools are supported?

With Unity’s version control system you can set up triggers and notifications for tools like Slack, Discord, and Webhooks.

How do you use Version Control's GLUON?

Gluon is a tool designed for users who typically work on a single branch with files that can’t be merged (typically, binaries such as images, animations, or documents). At setup, you will select the Gluon workspace, and can install the GLUON client. Find more setup instructions here and user instructions here.

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