Unity Cloud Plans

Unity Cloud is in early access and is available now for Unity Personal, Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industry customers. Learn more
Additional costs
Not included
Bundled with other Unity Plans
Included in Unity Personal
Included in Unity Pro
Included in Unity Enterprise and Unity Industry
Add-on to Unity Enterprise, Unity Industry, or Unity Cloud Enterprise
Unity Asset Manager Beta
Cloud Storage

Unity Cloud Personal allotment is capped at 10GB per org. Seat-based allocations are pooled for Cloud Pro, Enterprise plan subscribers and extra storage will be available for purchase.

10 GB per org
50 GB per seat
120 GB per seat
Storage pooled for organizational use
Additional storage available for purchase ($0.75/GB/month)*

Additional storage is calculated based on the average hourly storage (GB-hours) over the entire month to more accurately reflect not just how much you store but for how long you store.

Preview of common 2D and 3D media file formats
Autogeneration of thumbnails and GLB previews
Preview supports CAD, BIM, 3D data sets, and 50+ asset formats
Runtime loading of large models requiring 3D data streaming

Large CAD and BIM models can automatically be optimized and mesh-streamed into the Unity runtime to allow opening huge models.

Contributor, Consumer, Viewer
Contributor, Consumer, Viewer
Contributor, Consumer, Viewer
Consumer, Viewer
Asset auto-tagging
Custom metadata (Contributor and Consumer Roles Only)
Link sharing to external users (public)*
Link sharing to individuals and organizations*
Runtime collaboration – annotations, presence, deep-linking SDKS

Create cloud-connected applications that include annotations, avatars, voice chat and shareable links to specific assets.

Unity Integrations
Push assets from Unity Version Control to Asset Manager*
Consume assets from Asset Manager in Unity Editor via Asset Explorer*
Asset Manager APIs and SDKs
View and download
Unity DevOps**
Seats, one per license

Cloud Personal subscribers are limited to three free seats per org but are invited to purchase DevOps seats stand-alone or upgrade to a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Maximum 3 per org
No maximum
No maximum
Free Storage

Allocated per organization and pooled for organizational use.

5 GB
5 GB
5 GB
Storage consumption above free tier

Storage (GB) is estimated based on GB/hour to account for storage per month on a 31-day month.

200 Windows Minutes free

Allocated per organization

Compute consumption above free tier (Win)
$0.02/build min*
$0.02/build min
$0.02/build min
Compute consumption above free tier (Mac)
$0.07/build min*
$0.07/build min
$0.07/build min
Premium compute (Win)

For more complex projects, select each machine type to see its disk size.

$0.12/build min*
$0.12/build min
$0.12/build min
Premium compute (Mac)

For more complex projects, select each machine type to see its disk size.

$0.25/build min*
$0.25/build min
$0.25/build min
Free machines
Concurrent machines

Concurrency limits are per organization.

$0.5/machine/day each Up to 3, $2.0/machine/day each – 4+*
$0.5/machine/day each Up to 3, $2.0/machine/day each – 4+
$0.5/machine/day each Up to 3, $2.0/machine/day each – 4+
Team Administration
Access Controls
API access, subject to platform limits
User Management API Access
Documentation, Community + Forums
Customer service (free, nontechnical support)
Standard technical support based on minimum seat count
Partner Advisor access based on minimum seat count
Cloud Personal
Cloud Pro
Cloud Enterprise
Cloud Collaborate

* Subscriptions and features available in early 2024.

** During Early Access, Unity Cloud Personal users are limited to the free tier of DevOps: 5 GB of storage and 200 Windows compute minutes. For additional seats, storage, and build minutes, subscribe directly to DevOps. Consumption above the free tier for Unity Cloud will be available in early 2024.

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