Unity Reflect Review and Meta Quest 2

Transform your architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) project reviews with virtual reality (VR) to enable better communication and collaboration with project stakeholders.

Unity Reflect Review x Meta Quest blog post

Greater accessibility to viewing models in VR

Fully interactive, Unity Reflect Review allows project stakeholders to communicate effectively, avoid costly mistakes and drive faster alignment during design reviews.

Meta Quest 2 unlocks the power of VR, letting you view your 3D BIM models virtually. Step into your ideal workspace, where distractions disappear and productivity reigns.

Benefits of Unity Reflect Review

Real-time visualization

Live-linked BIM data from Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360, Rhino, SketchUp and ArchiCAD allow teams to collect feedback and make and view design changes in real-time.

Greater accessibility

With secure cloud access and progressive model loading, easily share large 3D models for instantaneous project reviews.

Viewing is supported on any device, anywhere, including mobile (iOS, Android), desktop, AR, and VR.

Next-level collaboration

Facilitate up to 25 users simultaneously in the same review. Gather important feedback through annotations, and see what others are seeing through shared camera views and follow mode.


Ben Lillywhite, Architect, P+HS Architects

“With Unity Reflect Review, stakeholders are able to visualize the designs a lot easier, and physically walk around the space and interact with them.”

Ben Lillywhite, Architect, P+HS Architects
Marius Jablonskis, Digital Transformation Leader, Norconsult

“Meta Quest 2 and Unity Reflect Review is a true game changer. XR was great before, but it was not for everyone. This partnership eliminated all bottlenecks with previous XR workflows, now it’s as easy as pop on the glasses and off you go!”

Marius Jablonskis, Digital Transformation Leader, Norconsult

Norconsult x ABV

See how Norconsult and ABV utilized Unity and Meta Quest 2 to build a water treatment facility.

Virtual, true-to life scale models enabled Norconsult to facilitate interactive design reviews with ABV to drive alignment faster and influence decisions earlier in the process.

Benefits of Meta Quest 2

Real-time visualization

Fully immersive, richer viewing environment to interact and contextualize 3D data.

Greater accessibility

Untethered VR means the freedom to work where you want, with anyone.

Next-level collaboration

Transforming the way people, teams and businesses get stuff done whether at home, in the office or on the jobsite. 

Get started today.

Work smarter, work together with Unity Reflect Review and Meta Quest 2.

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