*UPDATE: Production of Gigaya has been discontinued. There are currently no plans to publish the game sample, but it will remain as an internal resource and some of the technical learnings will be integrated into the Unity platform for the benefit of our users. We’d like to thank you for your project interest and feedback. You can find more information on our forums. Feel free to ask any related questions there, and we will do our best to answer them.

A Unity sample game

Gigaya is a game sample created by the Unity team and powered with Unity tech. Explore Gigaya to see how the ecosystem of Unity tools and features work together to enable creators like you to realize all kinds of creative ambitions. Jump into the world of Okkeriel to find inspiration on how to bring your own game to life.

Dive deeper into Gigaya

Get a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at Gigaya. Read why and how we built this sample game.


Watch our sponsored session at GDC 2022

Watch Gigaya’s official debut at GDC, including its formal introduction and an overview of how sample projects like give us insight into our users’ needs.

How Gigaya can help elevate your projects

Spark your creative ambitions

Explore the world of Gigaya and find inspiration for your own projects.

Improve your artistry and workflows

From blockout to final art, see how Unity rendering technologies pair with artistry tools like ProBuilder, Cinemachine, and Shader Graph to power a world that captivates from its very first pixels.

Learn programming patterns and techniques

Prototype, build, and optimize more performant game experiences with speed and efficiency. From programming gameplay with C# to designing scalable systems and even optimizing for platforms, Gigaya can guide you to accelerate your workflow.

Discover Unity demos

See the tech in action in cinematic shorts, sample games, and high-fidelity environments created by Unity teams.