Introducing Gigaya, an in-development playable sample game we’re creating to inspire your creativity and level up your Unity skills.

Introducing a new sample game

Gigaya is a living game sample that the Unity team is creating and powering with Unity tech. Explore Gigaya to see how the ecosystem of Unity tools and features work together to enable creators like you to realize all kinds of creative ambitions. Jump into the world of Okkeriel to find inspiration on how to bring your own game to life. Use Gigaya as a learning tool to up-level your skills, from programming to artistry, and engage with us as we continue to shape and evolve Gigaya.

Dive deeper into Gigaya

Get a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at Gigaya. Read why we decided to build this sample game, how we made it, and what’s next as we optimize the game for desktop.


Watch our sponsored session at GDC 2022

Watch Gigaya’s official debut at GDC, including its formal introduction and an overview of why we made Gigaya, how it can empower and inspire users, and what’s coming next.

How Gigaya can help elevate your projects

Spark your creative ambitions

Explore the world of Gigaya and find inspiration for your own projects. Gigaya is more than a sample project – it’s a fully playable game slice. Enter the realm of Okkeriel and learn how to leverage Unity tech to realize your creative vision.

A learning tool to help you grow

Use Gigaya as a learning tool to refine your programming, design, and artistry skills. A steady stream of dev-centric content helps you access key learnings from the games’ creators, including bringing it to diverse platforms.

Improve your artistry and workflows

From blockout to final art, see how Unity rendering technologies pair with artistry tools like ProBuilder, Cinemachine, and Shader Graph to power a world that captivates from its very first pixels.

Learn programming patterns and techniques

Prototype, build, and optimize more performant game experiences with speed and efficiency. From programming gameplay with C# to designing scalable systems and even optimizing for platforms, Gigaya can guide you to accelerate your workflow.

A living, evolving project

Gigaya is our way to understand and cater to your needs. Follow Gigaya’s evolution as a living sample game that grows and changes over time in deep dives, dev diaries, and more.


Meet the Productions team

Our team works to understand game creators’ needs and build production tools to address them. We identify gaps in the process, and we fill those gaps with tools, workflows, and knowledge sharing. We validate solutions in a production environment and make them available when we know they’re ready.

Follow Gigaya’s journey

From Gigaya’s debut at GDC to its eventual release and beyond – we want to take you along for the ride. Sign up to get all of the latest updates on what we’re doing with Gigaya, when you can download it yourself, and how to use it to bring your own creative vision to life.