Megacity: competitive action sample

Check out this third-person multiplayer action sample that supports 64+ players to learn more about building ambitious games using ECS for Unity and Unity Gaming Services (UGS).

  • Genre

    Large-scale competitive action, third-person shooter

  • Difficulty


  • Supported Unity versions

    Unity 2022 LTS

  • Products

    Unity, Netcode for Entities, Game Server Hosting, Matchmaker, Authentication, Voice Chat

Welcome to Megacity

The Megacity Multiplayer game sample showcases how to create engaging and immersive multiplayer experiences using a suite of netcode and multiplayer tools, tech, and services.

Download the sample to see how you can: 

  • Develop performant competitive multiplayer games with Netcode for Entities, our server-authoritative netcode library within ECS for Unity 
  • Accelerate your multiplayer game development with UGS Multiplayer solutions, including scalable hosting, rule-based matchmaking, and immersive voice chat

What’s included?

Megacity Multiplayer is publicly available on GitHub to dive into the intricacies behind building a competitive action multiplayer game in Unity. 


  • A massive game world in an immersive environment
  • Networked vehicle implementation
  • Flexible hosting with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) 
  • Configurable rule-based matches with Matchmaker 
  • Immersive player comms with Voice Chat (Vivox)
What’s included?

What will you learn?

What will you learn?

This is a multiplayer sample that helps you learn how to structure, network, and operate a competitive action multiplayer game with solutions from the Unity ecosystem.

Megacity Multiplayer covers: 

  • Large-scale streaming and rendering with ECS for Unity 
  • Server-authoritative gameplay featuring prediction, interpolation, and lag compensation
  • Hosting integration with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) 
  • Configuring rules-based matches to connect players

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Get the Megacity Multiplayer sample

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