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Luxury brand marketing by Unity
Explore real-time 3D marketing for luxury brands with the interactive Talia demonstration.
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A Unity luxury brand marketing demo

Experience real-time 3D marketing with this interactive demo for a fictional brand. Learn how to power the next generation of customer engagement with customization options, realistic images, and a cohesive luxury brand presentation.

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Preparing data for real-time 3D

Experiences like the Talia demo are created using product data. This workshop covers how to import popular data formats in Unity. Plus, see the fundamentals of building immersive experiences, including tools for capturing real-world objects.

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Customize your real-time 3D configurator

A key feature of interactive configurators like the Talia demo is the ability to incorporate your brand identity. This tutorial provides a step-by-step approach to creating a real-time 3D product configurator with a bespoke user interface (UI) and custom interactivity.

See how real-time 3D can elevate your marketing
Produce marketing content faster

With real-time 3D, you can produce digital product models in days – not months. No costly photoshoots or CGI required.

Shine a spotlight on product features

Customers can use an interactive configurator to explore a product from every angle. Highlight specific features and components with predefined camera shots and built-in animations.

Create stunning visuals

With Unity’s ray traced real-time rendering, you can show your product with true to life lighting, shadows, and reflections.

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Interactive marketing made easier

Discover what’s possible with real-time 3D marketing powered by Unity’s end-to-end solutions.