Content management for live games

Build a flexible game backend infrastructure with cloud services that can handle huge content requirements as your game and audience grow.

Automate and scale

Simplify game updates through automation and scaling. Explore services to help you build a streamlined game backend.


Flexible implementation

Flexible implementation

Choose backend and content management systems that are flexible enough to meet the creative and technical needs of your project, regardless of engine or tech stack.

Unity ecosystem

Create a connected ecosystem of Unity solutions. Choose services that combine well with the Unity Editor to build robust backend functionality.

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Use cases

Deploy and update content
Cloud Content Delivery | Remote Config | Cloud Code | Addressables | Authentication

Easily push new content updates to your game, across platforms and at scale, with a content delivery network that integrates directly into your Unity project.

Integrate with CI/CD
Cloud Code | CLI | Build Automation | Version Control

Accelerate and simplify your development by automating your CI/CD pipeline with UGS CLI and Cloud Code.

Add multiplayer features
Cloud Code | Game Server Hosting | Cloud Save | Matchmaker | Lobby

Improve your player experience and engagement. Add multiplayer features like automated lobby formation in tournaments and player moderation.

Enable cross-platform experiences
Cloud Save | Authentication

Set up sign-ins with platform accounts so players can sign in from any device and keep playing from where they left off.

Implement user-generated content
User-Generated Content

Improve player engagement by empowering users to integrate their own content into your game.

Provide tailored player experiences
Cloud Content Delivery | Game Overrides | Remote Config | Analytics

Target specific audiences with the right content based on player behavior, geographic data, or A/B test results.


Managing content at scale in MARVEL SNAP

Second Dinner shares their studio growth story, and how they managed huge content demands on MARVEL SNAP using a workflow with Unity CCD.

Cloud Content Delivery and Addressables bootcamp

Check out our latest workshop that walks you through the Addressable Asset system and how to get started with Cloud Content Delivery.

How to build a triggered event system

Unity product managers show you how to set up a triggered events system using a rewarded leaderboard as an example.

Configure Unity Gaming Services through the Editor

Learn how to make real-time configuration changes to your game directly from the Unity Editor, and how to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline.

Fireside chat with the User-Generated Content team

The Unity UGC team gives an overview of how the UGC product works and answers common questions from users.


A closer look at backend infrastructure

Focus on the business logic of your game, and take advantage of our expertise to manage backend infrastructure.

Learn more


Ask questions and find solutions in the forums for Cloud Save, Cloud Code, Cloud Content Delivery, Remote Config, and User-Generated Content.


View the roadmap for Unity backend and content management solutions to learn more about upcoming development.

Optimize your content management

Support your live game with an ecosystem of backend services to meet your needs for automation and content management at scale.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use Unity content management solutions?

Unity Gaming Services products are billed in different ways, depending on the specific product. Some use MAU-based models while others charge based on specific usage metrics. See our pricing page for more details.

Do I need to use all the content management solutions?

You do not have to use all the products listed here to see value. Unity Gaming Services products are designed to be used modularly to meet the creative and technical requirements (or preferences) of your game and project. You can pick and choose what you want to use, and you can use them with other game engines or other tech stacks.

Are Unity content management solutions only for the Unity engine?

While there is some variation, Unity Gaming Services are designed to integrate with non-Unity game engines and non-Unity game services or technology. You can learn about the support for each service by checking the documentation.

How can I implement a content delivery pipeline?

The individual solutions on this page can also be used with the Unity Addressables system, managed through our CLI, and integrated with Unity DevOps. A good starting place is the Cloud Content Delivery documentation page.

Where can I find implementation samples for these solutions?

Read the Unity Gaming Services Use Cases page to see common implementation examples and get a sample project.

Where can I learn about future development?

To learn more about what is planned for Unity content management and backend services, see our roadmap pages.

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