User-Generated Content

Improve engagement by adding user-generated content capabilities into your game with a simple out-of-the-box solution.

Turn your players into creators

Turn your players into creators

Unity UGC provides end-to-end tools for user-generated content workflows, including publishing, storing, managing, moderating, and distributing creators’ in-game content.

Moderate and curate content

Keep user-generated content safe and up to your standards. Distribute moderation capabilities to staff and community members to review content efficiently.

Display the best content from your community with powerful moderation and curation tools

Make it easy for your players to discover new user generated content

Make player-created content discoverable

Surface the most engaging user generated content through built in search criteria and powerful tagging tools.

Technical features of Unity UGC

UGC core & SDK

All the functionality you need to enable UGC and a Unity SDK to make it simple.

UGC Bridge

Leverage the Unity Editor as a creation tool by allowing your players to publish content directly from the Editor.

Seamless authentication

Players use the same authentication to log into your game and create or upload content.

Content agnostic

Creators can easily upload many types and sizes of content.

Creator-focused tools

Regularly updated tools help your players learn how to create and manage content.


Leverage webhooks from your backend to customize workflows when players and creators take specific actions.

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Increase player engagement with UGC

Increase player engagement by giving your players more ownership over gameplay. Sign up today to enable user-generated content and boost player loyalty with UGC.

Frequently asked questions on Unity UGC

Does Unity UGC only work with the Unity game engine?

UGC can be used with any gaming engine, including Unreal Engine, however the Core SDK and Editor bridge make integration much smoother with Unity.

How long does it take to integrate Unity UGC?

You can integrate Unity UGC in a matter of hours by leveraging our included in-game content viewer and SDK.

What gaming platforms does UGC work with?

Unity UGC supports games on mobile, PC, and console platforms.

How do I get started with UGC?

Start for free with Unity Gaming Services by creating an account or signing in with your Unity account.

How much does UGC cost?

UGC charges  using two billing meters, storage and download, both of which have a free tier that resets every month. See the UGS pricing page for more details.

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