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Unity Gaming Report 2022

The gaming industry is booming. As the field grows more crowded, we want you to have the insights you need to succeed. Discover the latest trends to help you make more informed decisions, whether you’re a solo dev or member of a large studio.

State of Live Gaming in 2021

Uncover the latest findings from Unity and Akamai about the impact of content on player engagement, some key strategies for growth, insights on mapping out a successful post-launch content pipeline, and tools that allow studios to focus on creating a great experience for their players.

Unity Mobile Trends 2022

Understanding the latest trends in mobile gaming will help you make the right decisions about what types of games to develop, the audiences you’ll target, and which marketing and monetization strategies you should adopt.

COVID-19's Impact on the Gaming Industry

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had a profound impact on every industry in the world, and gaming is no exception. Uncover 19 takeaways on how the pandemic impacted the industry in this report. 

2020 Mobile Game Monetization Report

Our team analyzed all of our monetization data from 2019 to put together this insights report to help you monetize your games better. Learn how ads and IAP can work together to increase engagement, how players view in-game monetization, and more. 

In-Game advertising the right way

This report takes a deep look at the potential of ads as a tool for mobile game developers to meet with success, evolve as a business, and deliver high quality, popular games that retain and engage players.


What's new in CCD

We've added new features and integrations to improve your experience with Cloud Content Delivery and get new content to your users faster. 

Extending new monetization controls and insights to publishers

Effective monetization strikes a delicate balance of strategic planning and setup with automated and efficient execution. That's why we’re evolving our features to give publishers more control over the revenue they generate.

Five insights on the gaming industry today

This article, based on the Unity Gaming Report 2022, shows you new data-driven learnings that you can use to fuel your game’s success.

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