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Bring your environments to life with the power of procedural modeling, flexible art tools, a living asset library, and cutting-edge photogrammetry workflows.
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The ultimate vegetation software

SpeedTree is the industry-standard vegetation toolkit for projects of any size and style, used across both games and film. Create and customize vegetation models with procedural generators and manual art tools. Tackle complex tasks on a massive scale, and find dynamic, living assets for any biome.

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Find the assets you need

Get started with dynamic models for every biome. Browse a living library of plants with infinite potential, PBR textures, built-in seasonal variations, and customizable wind settings.

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Works with any engine, on every platform

Export your work to popular 3D softwares and real-time engines at any stage. The Games SDK supports a wide variety of platforms, including PC, console, mobile, and VR.

Key benefits

Adapt assets for any size or style of content production. Match concept art, add animation, or capture textures directly from photogrammetry scans.


Make fast manual edits with freehand mode, customize existing assets from the SpeedTree Library, and work in any DCC with a fully scriptable SDK.


Create complex animations in one application. All library assets come equipped with PBR materials, unlimited seasonal variations, wind animation, and LODS.

“It’s really nice that you can create any kind of plant with the tools, meaning we could let our imagination run wild when coming up with new branching systems.”
GDC Tree
Game ready: Building the ‘Ōhi’a lehua tree

Learn how to build a tree in this walkthrough of creating foliage from the inspiring tropical of Hawaii in SpeedTree.

Discover the latest version of SpeedTree

SpeedTree 9.5 lets you unleash creative control and realism with procedural detailing for vegetation.

Japanese Garden
Example game scene: Japanese Garden

See how SpeedTree and URP come together in this stunning game setting, made with Unity.

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