SpeedTree vegetation toolkit

Bring your environments to life with the power of procedural modeling, flexible art tools, a living asset library, and cutting-edge photogrammetry workflows.

Build trees for every environment

Quickly create and customize plant models with an intuitive modeler that features procedural generators and freehand art tools. Convert photogrammetry scans into procedural geometry, grow assets around any obstacle, and animate dazzling growth sequences.

Find the assets you need

Get started with dynamic models for every biome. Browse a living library of plants with infinite potential, PBR textures, built-in seasonal variations, and customizable wind settings.

Large tree

Works with any engine, on every platform

Take your trees to the next level with the fully scriptable SDK. Tackle complex wind, advanced lighting, and large-scale forest management without worrying about your pipeline.

Key features

Photogrammetry conversion

Build high-performance models with all the beauty and realism of photogrammetry scans. Use the new mesh converter to capture textures, convert trunks to procedural models, and extend scans with SpeedTree geometry.

Intuitive editing

Make fast manual edits with the artist-centered freehand mode. Sculpt, paint, draw, and fine-tune vertices to match your bold creative visions.

Living assets

Find expertly researched, dynamic models in the SpeedTree Library. Each model is fully equipped for infinite randomization, seasonal changes, and wind animations.

Powerful performance

Manage complex wind, LODs, and rendering on a massive scale, in runtime, with the SpeedTree SDK. Next-gen performance and easy integrations are built right in.

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Frequently asked questions

Is SpeedTree only for Unity users?

No, SpeedTree is engine-agnostic.

Which SpeedTree product do I need?

If you’re a student or hobbyist, try a subscription. Need tools for VFX? Cinema is your best bet. Do you have more questions or do you need information about Enterprise licensing? Email us at

Can I try it for free?

Yes, we recommend it. You can find the free learning editions for Cinema and Games.

How much does SpeedTree cost?

We have licensing options as low as $19 per month. Find out more here.

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