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Empower players to play together with Lobby
Connect your players for great multiplayer gaming experiences with Lobby.
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Connect players for multiplayer fun

Lobby allows your players to connect before or during a game session. Players create public lobbies using simple game attributes which other players can then search, discover, and join. Invite-only lobbies also allow players to create private spaces for select participants only.

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Start building for free

Our pricing model is designed to fit the needs of developers of any size. Lobby offers a free tier that covers your pre-development needs and pricing based on consumption – so you only pay as your game grows.

Unity Gaming Services Lobby integration with Relay

Level up by integrating with Unity Relay

Improve your player experience with Lobby and Relay together. Send service-to-service notifications when a player disconnects from the game and automatically remove players disconnected from Relay.

“I've been using Unity Lobby for a few weeks now. Documentation is clear, and it's easy to use and to tinker with if you want to take a look under the hood. I plan on using this as my go-to matchmaking and lobby system for future projects.”
“Relay and Lobby work very well together, and they helped our team implement the online features and functions we were looking for in our game. The Unity staff was always willing to help us and we will definitely continue to use the service!”
Key benefits
Custom lobby management and discoverability

Players can create public and easily discoverable hangout lobbies with customized criteria.

Out-of-the-box "Quick Join" functionality

Empower your players to find their ideal lobbies within one call, ensuring a quick and enjoyable match.

Invite-only lobbies

Players can create private hangout lobbies and invite their friends or select participants.

Relay integration

Lobby easily integrates with Unity Relay to ensure you're notified if a player ever unexpectedly disconnects.

Frequently asked questions

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