Unity 2018.1.4

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  • (980197) - Editor: Test runner can now start tests on iOS/tvOS.
  • (1006601) - Licenses: Fixed issue that long time idle Editor failed to activate license for the first time.
  • (1010774(1006311)) - Asset Import: Fixed ImportAsset crashes.
  • (980970) - Asset Import: Fixed crash when re-importing certain model with "Generate Lightmap UVs" setting enabled.
  • (1016639) - 2D: Fixed undo not removing GameObject created from dropping Sprite into Hierarchy Window.
  • (1021969(1015836)) - 2D: Fixed Sprite Pivot setting appearing when Sprite Mode is set to Multiple but not appearing when it's set to Single.
  • (1021484) - UI: Fixed issue with setting position followed by setting parent losing proper positioning.
  • (1010047) - XR: Fixed dark VR view with Linear Color space and Single-Pass Rendering.
  • (1024560(1014022)) - iOS: Disabled builtin cache in iOS UnityWebRequest backend for consistency with other platforms.
  • (1024558(1011741)) - iOS: Fixed UnityWebRequest not becoming done when aborted.
  • (1026717) - Shaders: Fixed several custom shader include path corner cases making the system more robust against random script errors.
  • (None) - Graphics: Improve compute shader debug label support.
  • (1014724) - Asset Import: Fixed lighting differences compared to older versions of Unity.
  • (1011566(1011514)) - Asset Import: Upgraded to FBX SDK 2018.1.1, link to libfbxsdk dynamically on all builds.
  • (952966) - Animation: Fixed evaluation of multi-outputs playables. Allows for fixing Timelines.
  • (1007989) - Scripting - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed issue loading circularly dependent assets while using scripting runtime version 4.x.
  • (1031063(967406)) - Animation - Animation Recorder: Fixed recording an "Animator" controller generates 80 errors in the console.
  • (1030295) - Multiplayer: Fixed Host becomes broken\deleted after big packet has been sent.
  • (1029909) - Scripting: Fixed memory snapshot profiler.
  • (1018162) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when calling Process.Start() to open a folder.
  • (1010809) - Graphics: Fixed some backface culling corner cases (case 1010809).
  • (965024) - Services: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (984292) - Android: Fixed black screen on Adreno GPU when using Postprocessing Stack and GLES2 graphics API.
  • (972927) - Apple TV: Remove 2x App store icon slices that cause App Store validation to fail.
  • (1024859) - iOS: Fixed manual signing with development certificates.
  • (1011604) - iOS: Fixed crash when usbmuxd proxy is still running during app exit.
  • (None) - Graphics: Metal: Fixed tessellation shaders using instancing from failing to load.
  • (1026722) - Xbox One: Unity projects now build for Xbox One with .net 4.6 compatible scripts and the Roslyn compiler (case 1026722).
  • (1003917) - Audio: Fixed usage of deprecated WebAudio setters.
  • (1003912) - Audio: Added Chrome Audio Auto-play policy workaround.
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed errors when using Typeless D3D11 32 bit texture formats.
  • (1029439) - 2D: Fixed tiles with invalid textures being rendered with the Tile Color only, instead of displaying the last used Sprite texture.
  • (1028457) - 2D: TilemapRenderer is now able to render when a SRP is set.
  • (1024422) - 2D: Fixed tilemap painting being disabled if the tile map is parallel to the current Scene view camera, and within a margin of 5 degrees.

Revision: 1a308f4ebef1


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