Unity 2019.4.10

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Known Issues in 2019.4.10f1

  • AI: A NavMeshAgent GameObject teleports to a near NavMeshSurface when collided with a moving NavMeshObstacle (1072945)

  • AI: Editor crashes on MemoryManager::GetAllocator when selecting NavMeshAgent Component in the Inspector window (1257220)

  • AI: [Remote Config] package breaks on updating and throws ArgumentNull exceptions (1261652)

  • Asset Bundles: [Performance Regression] AssetBundleLoadAllAssets - Load_Prefabs_AllAssets is significantly slower than 18.4 (1203512)

  • Asset Bundles: [Performance Regression] AssetBundleLoadSingleAssets : LoadAsync_Prefabs_SingleAssets is significantly slower than 18.4 (1203511)

  • Asset Import Pipeline: [Asset Import] Errors thrown on creating a project using microgame templates (1268154)

  • Audio: Unity crashes in Play Mode at FMOD_Resampler_Linear (928576)

  • Global Illumination: [GPU PLM] Radeon Pro denoiser crashes the editor (1272936)

  • Global Illumination: [URP] Transparencies are ignored because URP uses _BaseMap as main texture identifier (1246262)

  • Global Illumination: [macOS] BugReporter doesn't get invoked when the project crashes (1219458)

  • Global Illumination: gi::InitializeManagers() takes 0.6s during Editor startup (1162775)

  • Graphics - LowLevel: Gfx.WaitForPresent / Gfx.WaitForPresentOnGfxThread huge spikes in Profiler when in Play Mode with vSync set to "Don't Sync" (1108469)

  • IAP: Disabling and re-enabling IAP in services window throws multiple errors about failing to find assemblies (1193774)

  • IL2CPP: UnityLinker strips classes used with the SerializeReference attribute (1232785)

  • Linux: Linux Editor returns the "O" key's KeyCode when the Space key is being pressed (1263921)

  • Linux: [Editor] Color picker does not work (1174814)

  • MacOS: [OSX] Shader import in an external exFAT drive crashes Unity (727114)

  • Mobile Rendering: [URP] Low performance on some Android devices when rendering only one terrain/texture (1261629)

  • Mono: Crash with various stack traces when exiting Play Mode after recompiling scripts (1238859)

  • Scene Management: Building project when two identical scenes are open crashes the editor (1266194)

  • Scripting: Building a project crashes when a Script Component has serialized array of a type that contains a serialized PropertyName field (1267271)

  • Scripting: [CompilationPipeline] Project recompile and package changes takes a long time when Project includes a lot of packages (1272396)

  • Scripting: [Performance] Slow asset refresh when modifying any script, 45 seconds on one line change (1270910)

  • Scripting: [SerializedField] fields produce "Field is never assigned to..." warning (1080427)

  • Serialization: Prefab changes are not applied and an error occurs when changing fields that have SerializeReference attribute (1237191)

  • Serialization: [SerializeReference] Polymorphic instances are always recreated when applying any inspector value change (1193322)

  • Shader System: [Bug] "min16f as def32" modifier in FXC bytecode not honored when converting to SPIR-V/ESSL (1228687)

  • Shadows/Lights: Skybox lighting is not rendered after creating gameobjects in the new scene until the lighting is rebaked (1250293)

  • Shuriken: Crash after an Overflow in memory allocator when changing Particle System's Duration in Play Mode (1273529)

  • Windows: Crash on D3D12SwapChain::CreateHWND when CreateSwapChainForHwnd returns E_INVALIDARG (1223896)

2019.4.10f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Fix batching and rendering order for TilemapRenderer chunks when there are high vertex counts for the Tilemap mesh. (1260462)

  • 2D: Fixed ArgumentException when 2D Game Kit is imported for the first time (1244287)

  • 2D: Fixed BakeCollider requires GC every frame even when there are no changes in SpriteShape (1263266)

  • 2D: Fixed exception thrown continuously when Undo operation is performed with sprites are assigned earlier (1256914)

  • 2D: Fixed incorrect dependency on UnityEngine.XR.WSA.Input (case 1253085) (1249390)

  • 2D: Fixed Skinning Module flickers when adding new category (1244097)

  • Animation: Fixed Animation Window icons that where pixelated on HiDPI screens. (1267202)

  • Asset Bundles: Fix asset bundle to be able to load scene from asset bundle build from package. (1233575)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed an edge case with AssetBundle.Contains not returning true for case sensitive paths. (1253270)

  • Asset Import: Fix for crash in Material::ClearUnusedProperties when assigning a loaded shader in OnPostprocessMaterial (1267717)

  • Asset Import: Fixed invalid/incompatible PSD that would crash FreeImage and the Editor (1264768)

  • Asset Import: LoadImage now returns PNGs in the authored colorspace when gAMA block is authored, instead of gamma 2.0. A new static flag has been added to the ImageConversion class to disable this behavior. See Texture2D.LoadImage for additional details. (1263825)

  • Audio: Fixed audio mixer reimport stalls when toggling between mixer assets in the audio mixer window. (1264869)

  • Audio: Fixed Streaming AudioClip file handle leaks on sounds that are stopped before having finished the initial buffering of the stream. (1251581)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed an edge case where Textures attempt to load data from an invalid path during the build. (1268719)

  • DX12: 8 Multi-RenderTarget gives Assert error d3d12: querying for an out-of-bounds color surface (1219274)

  • DX12: Editor crashes when shader global constant buffer exceeds 64kB on dx12 (1210562)

  • DX12: Editor crashes when using ProBuilder in Vertex Edit mode View on Crashes HQ with HDRP/DXR (1213285)

  • DX12: Texture2DArray MSAA resolve is broken on d3d12 (1249422)

  • Editor: Fix crash when pasting a copied UI GameObjects when an attached script change Transform type and delete objects in Awake. (1266550)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where foldout arrow icon is misaligned after expanding Material Reference[0] property in the Animation window. (1250971)

  • Editor: Fixed EventType.MouseDrag events being triggered when cancelling a contextual menu by right clicking or left clicking in a custom window area (1209976)

  • Editor: Improve performance of accessing information in asset database meta files (1242985)

  • GI: Return the correct state of LightProbes when specifying a different object than Lightmapping.lightProbes. (1262917)

  • Graphics: Fix texture streaming not loading correct mips and not respecting QualitySettings.masterTextureLimit for shadow mask textures. (1254505)

  • Graphics: Fixed a crash when doing custom frequency shadow cascade updates (1254121)

  • Graphics: fixed readback from temporary RT not working on metal (1265379)

  • Graphics: Fixed so aspect ratios are maintained and upscaled using letterboxing when rendering with Vulkan. (1192023)

  • Graphics: Metal: Fix shader compiler warnings that could appear on macOS 11 Big Sur/iOS 14

  • Graphics: render targets are now created as MemorylessMSAA only if the supported number of MSAA samples is greater than 1 (1268888)

  • Graphics: SkinnedMeshRenderer.BakeMesh now bakes cloth changes into the target Mesh (1239074)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid warnings from IL2CPP generated code when struct prototype warnings are enabled for C files. (1247033)

  • IL2CPP: Fix crash on startup with script debugging enabled with deeply nested generics (1226831)

  • IL2CPP: Fix open delegate invocation on a struct method that implemented an interface method. (1267228)

  • IL2CPP: Fix performance regression when parsing an XML document with a DTD (1243665)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a JSON exception when building a project with large number of scenes. (1256534)

  • IL2CPP: Handle enum types with more than 32784 fields. (1258202)

  • IL2CPP: Remove an unnecessary assertion in SetFindPluginCallback (1252614)

  • iOS: Fixed a rare crash when iOS device is mirrored to an AppleTV (1159944)

  • iOS: Fixed an issue with the loading of the system font on iOS 13. (1246465)

  • iOS: Fixed unintended storyboard rotation if device changes orientation during initial application loading and autorotate is enabled. (1269547)

  • Package Manager: Added support for External symbols on a platform that required it.

  • Package Manager: Fixed a potential error when running the linker with a failure on lld command.

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the packages-lock.json file could report differing dependencies for the com.unity.ide.rider package.

  • Package Manager: Fixed Debug.Log by re-enabling it when used in function pointers or jobs.

  • Package Manager: Fixed errors when opening Inspector with a non-public Execute method on a job producer type

  • Package Manager: If path to the package contained spaces, then native command execution could fail. This would manifiest as weird errors with 'lld' or 'vswhere' or other native tools.

  • Package Manager: Package Manager doesn't display packages when using candidates registry (1267898)

  • Particles: Added support for Meshes using Float16 (aka Half) UV channels in the Particle System Renderer. (1269545)

  • Profiler: Fix profiler not counting number of draw calls correctly when using CommandBuffer (1115727)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where PackedMemorySnapshot.nativeObjects.gcHandleIndex would always return -1 due to not reporting the correct managed object address during processing (1269293)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue with multi-dimensional arrays of reference types not having their metadata type being reported (1273416)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue with player to editor serialization getting corrupted, due to the addition of missing root references to the memory profiler backend (1271829)

  • Scripting: Correct file sharing for exFAT partitions on macOS (1253812)

  • Scripting: Fix unlimited warnings to Editor.log using all disk space (1238954)

  • Scripting: Fixed crash that would occur when an exception was thrown during the initialization of a custom attribute. (1255935)

  • Scripting: Fixed hang that would occur when a Debugger.Break was in the accessor of a field. (1254123)

  • Serialization: Fix error "Expect ':' between key and value within mapping" when extra spaces were found at the end of a block mapping. (1268628)

  • Shaders: Fixed an issue which would cause the shader compiler to crash while processing certain shader files. (1251613)

  • Shaders: Shaders with GrabPass can now be added to ShaderVariantCollection (1264467)

  • UI Elements: Fixed duplicate ChangeEvent callback invocation for PopupField<string>. (1194831)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed TextElements that generates more than 16k vertices cause IndexOutOfRangeException on vertex buffers
    Fixed UI Toolkit leaks memory when new large mesh is allocated via MeshGenerationContext
    Fixed Small visual regressions (1230939, 1259449, 1259808)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Burst not working in ExecutableOnly builds. (1271694)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed plugin .pdb files not getting packaged into .appxsym package when creating a build to be uploaded to the Windows Store. (1271695)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Work around MSBuild issue when building UWP AppxBundles from the command line (1165205)

  • Web: UnityWebRequest: fix hang or crash on iOS (upload/abort related) (1211549)

  • WebGL: Fixed an issue when UnityWebRequests would fail on WebGL due to incorrect caching scheme. (1189663)

  • Windows: Fix Shift key not reporting in GUI Event.keyCode property (991861)

  • XR: Added a pre-init flag to request an offscreen Vulkan swapchain. (1253274)

  • XR: Added option to always discard depth after rendering. (1263448)

  • XR: API such as XRSettings.renderViewportScale no longer take more than one frame to apply when running via XRDisplaySubsystem.

  • XR: Fixed XRSettings.useOcclusionMesh, XRSettings.occlusionMaskScale, XRSettings.stereoRenderingMode, XRDevice.fovZoomFactor.


  • Package Manager: Asserts that are currently discarded no longer discard arguments with potential side effects.

  • Package Manager: Automatically add embedded package files to the version control system (1271116)

  • Package Manager: Bump com.unity.mathematics to 1.2.1 version

  • Package Manager: com.unity.purchasing package updated to 2.1.0

  • Package Manager: Update Polybrush to 1.0.2

  • Package Manager: Update to ProBuilder 4.4.0.

  • XR: Updated Oculus XR Plugin package to 1.4.3.


  • Asset Pipeline: Fix race condition that may occur when downloading non primary artifacts from cache server

  • Profiler: Load icon changed to more clearly read as "Load".

  • XR: XR Statistics caches thread-safe stats that only get promoted to 'live' data after a render pass. However a number of data points need to be 'initialized' before we actually render a frame (like Frame Rate).

System Requirements

For development

OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; macOS 10.12+. (Server versions of Windows & OS X are not tested.)

CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

GPU: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

The rest mostly depends on the complexity of your projects.

Additional platform development requirements:
  • iOS: Mac computer running minimum macOS 10.12.6 and Xcode 9.4 or higher.

  • Android: Android SDK and Java Development Kit (JDK); IL2CPP scripting backend requires Android NDK.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 (64-bit), Visual Studio 2015 with C++ Tools component or later and Windows 10 SDK

For running Unity games

Generally content developed with Unity can run pretty much everywhere. How well it runs is dependent on the complexity of your project. More detailed requirements:

  • Desktop:

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 16.04+
    • Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
    • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • iOS player requires iOS 10.0 or higher.

  • Android: OS 4.4 or later; ARMv7 CPU with NEON support; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.

  • WebGL: Any recent desktop version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 and a graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities

  • Exported Android Gradle projects require Android Studio 3.4 and later to build


Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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