Unity 2018.3.8

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  • 2D: Fixed case of Editor crashing on WorldContactFilter2D::ShouldCollide when trying to destroy Tilemap. (1126791)

  • 2D: Fixed case of Tile Animation showing a wrong Sprite when Tilemap is deactivated and reactivated. (1126772)

  • 2D: Fixed issue where Tilemap Collider Physics Shape/s were not updating when a single Tile was removed. (1126789)

  • 2D: Fixed to clean up Preview Tiles when painting on a Tilemap when an asset is saved. (1126776)

  • 2D: Fixed NullReferenceException when painting with a Tile Palette without a valid Tilemap component. (1120310, 1126781)

  • 2D: We now use Grid Cell Layout instead of Tile Orientation for doing Grid Cell picking when painting on a Tilemap. (1126779)

  • Android: Fixed null exception on GC when Java class is not found. (1128659)

  • Android: UnityWebRequest: Relaxed format requirements for jar:file uris. (1117525, 1128887)

  • Asset Import: Fixed crash when reading a meta file with a "Byte Order Mark". (1128853)

  • Editor: Fixed Instability in IConnectionStateInternal_HasAtLeastTheDefaultAmountOfAvailableConnections . (1103431)

  • GI: Fixed an issue were newly loaded scenes with bounce count 3 would not bake any indirect light. (1129335)

  • Graphics: Fixed for [ASAN] Memory use after free in GpuProgramMetal::ApplyGpuProgram. (1127838)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue where "GetGfxDevice() should only be called from main thread" errors are thrown and crashes in Play Mode later on. (1124135)

  • Graphics: Fixed memory leak in batchmode when rendering on desktop platforms . (1093649, 1102280)

  • Graphics: Vulkan: Fixed a crash when draw call was made without an active GPU program. (1126841)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed correct flow control code not generated for try/catch/finally handling with async methods in C#. (1122868)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed step-into debugging for some generic methods. (1124177)

  • IL2CPP: Improved the performance of WaitOne, WaitAny, and WaitAll on Windows platforms. (1111339)

  • IMGUI: Maximizing the player in the windowed mode sets it to Maximized Window mode. (1085673, 1127910)

  • iOS: Fixed background audio stopping when startin an Unity app on iOS. (1115948)

  • iOS: Fixed issue where an App won't be automatically deployed to Device when building project via Build and Run. (1114541)

  • Linux: Fixed editor UI breaking with Screen.SetResolution is called. (1057513, 1128667)

  • Mobile: Fixed il2cpp player build when engine stripping is enable and AssetImporter log is not empty. (1115957)

  • Multiplayer: Fixed memory leak in TLS connections, affecting Windows/Linux/Mac/UWP. (1121523)

  • OSX: Fixed an issue where older Macs could incorrectly report that they support GPU instancing. (1126530)

  • OSX: Fixed the fullscreen menu item in the standalone player. (1120105)

  • Package Manager: Fixed incorrect build settings on Project Templates in packages. (1114141)

  • Prefabs: Fixed crashes when instantiating prefab with certain user scripts. (1113205, 1125019)

  • Prefabs: Fixed drag and drop not unpacking the Prefab instance under some circumstances. (1117374)

  • Prefabs: Fixed object IDs changing when saving a prefab after building a player. (1106345)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where chart data would be inconsistent from hierarchy data. (1080435)

  • Scripting: Fixed MissingMethodException when calling bindings methods in VRModule on XBox One. (1109347)

  • Scripting: Removed allocation in every frame from ScriptableRuntimeReflectionSystemWrapper.TickRealtimeProbes. (1097039)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed an issue where some C# class libaries would fail to load. (1116475)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed ReflectionTypeLoadException when getting types from assembly. (1127900)

  • Services: Fixed crash when an unhandled exception occurs on a background thread with Cloud Diagnostics enabled. (1114571, 1122097)

  • Shaders: Fixed out-of-memory when trying to compile shader that uses self-referencing macro. (1119490)

  • Timeline: Fixed issue where a timeline would not play on AOT platforms using Mono and .NET 3.5 (1129165)

  • UI: Fixed issue with CanvasGroup.Alpha not affecting nested Canvas's UI elements. (1127613)

  • Unity Test Runner: Fixed Exception not handled properly in PlayTests when a custom Enumerator is used as a Coroutine and throws an Exception. (1120096)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed incorrect mouse position for NewInput. (1091493)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed rapid triggering of OnClick() events in UI when multiple Xbox controllers connected. (1099111)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Prevented an error from the reference rewriter about the missing method 'ConfigurationElement::get_Item' when the EntityFramework.dll assembly is used. (1124092)

  • Video: Fixed a crash on quit, and on end of playmode, when using a VideoPlayer in a prefab. (1126578)

  • Video: Fixed Android Video doesn't start to play in the application when Android OS is 4.1 or 4.2. (1124979)

  • Web: UnityWebRequest: Better document SetRequestHeader regarding cookie. (1128889)

  • Windows: Fixed Multidisplay always reverting to native resolution on primary display. (1040726)


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