Unity 2018.2.5

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  • (1052530) - Android: Fixed an issue on Android with the Auto and Never blit types causing a blank scene to be displayed.
  • (1054584) - Build Pipeline: Fixed stripping objects from disabled modules resulting in crashes in generated builds.
  • (1052180) - Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundleManifestPath not working when building scenes asset bundles.
  • (1056461) - Editor: Fixed case of "Callback registration failed kMaxCallback" error.
  • (1071436) (1071189) - Editor: Fixed CSharpNamespaceParser backport classname parsing.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed gui view refresh after resizing views on linux.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed keyboard inputs on popups and dropdowns within the Editor on Linux.
  • (1030337) - Global Illumination: Fixed Assertion '(srcInfo.GetChannelMask() & copyChannels).
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed rare deadlock when using Graphics Jobs and uploading textures which require processing i.e. crunch decompression, scaling, padding.
  • (1066405) - IL2CPP: Prevented a memory leak in delegate unsubscription with the new script runtime.
  • (1068657) - IL2CPP: Prevented a crash in il2cpp::os::Image::Initialize when Unity is embedded in another app on iOS.
  • (1047005) - Input: Fixed cursor resuming locked state after ALT+TAB (Command + Alt).
  • (None) - Kernel: Added in-range detection for pens on Windows.
  • (None) - Kernel: Made ProjectWindowUtil.CreateAssetWithContent public again (was accidentally reverted to internal).
  • (None) - Kernel: Removed automatic device reset on focus loss and add support for explicit device reset IOCTL.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed HIDs sometimes getting picked up twice on OSX.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed various incorrect orientations of scroll and delta Y values.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed mouse coordinates in OSX and Windows player.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed mouse coordinates not respecting HighDPI in Windows editor.
  • (None) - Kernel: Improved ArchiveStorageHeader::ReadString() performance.
  • (1030576) - Linux: Fixed a race condition in thread creation in Linux.
  • (1049050) - OSX: Fixed not being able to reliably set screen resolution from script on first Update.
  • (1033341) - Particles: Fixed particle jobs running when baking meshes.
  • (1054584) - Particles: Fixed legacy particles module being disabled by default.
  • (1041509) - Physics: Fixed experimental multithreaded 2D physics not solving joints the same as non-threaded 2D physics.
  • (1062155) - Physics: Fixed an issue where trigger events may not be fired if collider/triggers change local scale only.
  • (1064472(1054444)) - Physics: Fixed a crash triggered by changing cook option on a deactivated mesh collider.
  • (1051325) - Timeline: Fixed keyframing in Timeline when OS is set to non-US cultures.
  • (1061507) - XR: OpenVR trackpad axes are reported as 0 on the frame they are pressed.
  • (1066060 (1036422)) - XR: Fixed unneeded.dll created for Audio Spatializer when built for Standalone.
  • (1042946) - XR: Fixed UnityEngine.XR.InputTracking.GetNodeNames returning null when a valid uniqueId is given.

Revision: 3071d1717b71


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