Unity 2018.2.2

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  • Android: Fixed rendering on Tegra 3 devices.
  • Android: Fixed Vulkan rendering errors on Adreno devices
  • Android: A friendly user message is now shown when using a JDK other than 8. (956425, 1060076)
  • Animation: Fixed wrong CurveModifiedType sent in function callback onCurveWasModified when changing animation events in clip. (1047683)
  • Editor: Fixed editor crashes when calling EditorUtility.SetDirty(null). (1060898, 1061076)
  • GI: Correctly sample area lights from probes in Progressive Lightmapper. (1033074)
  • GI: Fix low CPU utilization when baking with the progressive lightmapper (1013830)
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash (out of bound array access) when some empty RenderPass is used in SRP context. (1002440)
  • Graphics: Fixed possible crash during shader warmup when using Vulkan.
  • Graphics: Fixed Vulkan validation errors during texture uploads.
  • Graphics: Fixed a resource leak issue with SRP BlendState and Graphics Jobs
  • OSX: Fixed framerate being limited in batch mode when Application.targetFrameRate == -1. (1022906)
  • Package Manager: Fixed not being able to create assets from drop down menu if any projectSettings are opened in inspector. (975732)
  • Particles: Particles are now allowed to use dynamic batching and GPU instancing at the same time for mesh particle systems. Batching allows for a single material setup between systems, and instancing allows for efficient rendering of mesh particles.
  • Scripting: Fixed "using static" directive causing Unity to not find the class in the script (962043, 962275)
  • Scripting: Fixed crash when dragging a script with a UI or RectTransform component requirement to a GameObject. (1036699, 1057076)
  • Scripting: Fixed random memory corruption and crash usually surfaced during liveness.
  • Timeline: Fixed parent constraint does not work in timeline preview. (1057525)
  • XR: Fixed crash that causes the VR device to stop rendering when render texture size is too large and not a power of 2. (1027366)
  • XR: Fixed issue where HMD's would only render a single frame and black everywhere else when Game tab isn't visible during play mode. (878454)

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