Unity 2017.4.33

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Known Issues in 2017.4.33f1

  • Asset Bundles: Loading.LockPersistentManager object lock impacts performance during AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync operation (827299)

  • iOS: Apps with UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend in info.plist failing to pass Apple Store validation (1160614)

  • uGUI: RectTransofrm resets it's coordinates to zero when selecting "Apply" on prefab even if no changes were made (964111)

2017.4.33f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Detects culling bounds based on sprites used in Tilemap. (971087, 1157191)

  • 2D: Fixed crash on TilemapRendererJobs::BuildChunkJob::Execute (1175872)

  • Android: Allow to target API levels 28 and 29. (1168762, 1188497)

  • Android: Removed the use of all audio engine functions that will be grey-listed or black-listed in Android Q. (1176717, 1176719)

  • IL2CPP: Correct the behavior of Marshal.OffsetOf for byval arrays of types with 4 byte alignment when they are not the first field in a struct. (1182074, 1183949)

  • iOS: Fixed Deprecated API Usage warning for using UIWebView when submitting Builds to the App Store Connect. (1180664, 1182274)

  • iOS: Fixed simulator build on xcode11 beta (metal headers were added) - now we use headers if available instead of forcibly declaring symbols. (1163876, 1170512)

  • iOS: Fixed tvOS not supporting instanced rendering in 2017.4 LTS. (1149107, 1188498)

  • iOS: Use NSProcessInfo.physicalMemory to retrieve total memory size. (1155192, 1171631)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux Standalone Player touch events for IMGUI. (1106839, 1142857)

  • Particles: Fixed ParticleSystem prewarm not locating WindZones and Colliders during Awake. (1122824, 1164548)

  • Particles: Fixed the console log spamming: 'Sub-emitters must be children of the system that spawns them' when the same child sub-emitter is attached multiple times. (1042951, 1171702)

  • Physics2D: Fixed implicitly created static ground-body not shown in the static body count in the profiler 2D physics area. (1143465, 1148162)

  • Shuriken: Fixed ParticleSystem bounds calculations when using stretched particles and a negative velocity scale (1160531, 1163755)


Third Party Notices

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