Unity 2018.4.6

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2018.4.6f1 Release Notes

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • Apple TV: Remove support for Universal Harmony Remote, supporting this controller made Siri Remote and gamepads regrees by producing unintended double events for button clicks. For more information check UnityView+Keyboard.mm pressesBegan/pressesEnd functions.


  • XR: Updated Vuforia to version 8.3.8.


  • Android: Fixed Application.Quit not correctly quitting the application process, previously it would only destroy Unity runtime, keeping activity alive, that lead to incorrect application resume. (1171368, 1172044)

  • Apple TV: Fixed GetKeyDown and GetKeyUp not working correctly with Siri Remote buttons. Due to platform limitation, GetKeyDown, GetKeyUp will work with delay when receiving events from keyboard, see documentation for more info. (1143342, 1160636)

  • Apple TV: Fixed pressing menu button on Siri remote not correctly exiting to home screen, if tvOS.Remote.allowExitToHome is set to true. (1134856, 1160637)

  • Apple TV: Fixed regression, where clicking B on gamepad would show "JoystickButton0" as pressed. (1151006, 1160635)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed sprite atlas sprites being included in asset bundles multiple times. (1121868, 1170282)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where tests with the inconclusive result would stop the test run from continue. (1169256)

  • Editor: Fixed errors in the Avatar Editor when trying to use Sliders in Per-Muscle settings. (1165907, 1166608)

  • Editor: Fixed frame debugger sometimes showing bad shader keyword info when connected to a player. (1070614, 1171676)

  • Editor: Fixed leaking GUITexture blit materials when entering playmode. (1150933, 1167659)

  • Editor: Fixed null reference exception when dragging reorderable list items. (1154282, 1170299)

  • Editor: Fixed the console errors and editor crash after executing a domain reload. (1136303, 1138320)

  • Graphics: Fixed shadow culling when camera and frustum are almost perpendicular. (1150849, 1163073)

  • Graphics: Improved performance of "CullAllVisibleLights" ~5x for scenes with many baked lights. (1087657, 1170209)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with nested type metadata being re-initialized without checking for previous initialization, which caused a memory leak in certain situations. (1167380, 1171266)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed crash when many threadpool threads or sockets are in use. (1129409, 1168718)

  • LWRP: Added the ability for SRPs to override the shadows flag used by the culling. (1131348, 1162484)

  • macOS: Fixed an issue where GCController might return incorrect values when used in a native plugin. (1145433, 1152870)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the execute file mode of packaged files was suppressed, which prevented executables in packages from running on macOS and Linux. (1154433, 1172897)

  • Package Manager: Fixed issues where a package could contain read-only folders if the installation process was interrupted, which would make it difficult to delete parent folders without advanced file manipulations.

  • Shaders: Improved generation of GLSL Tessellation shaders in more situations. (1134172, 1166874)

  • UI: Fixed issue where TextMesh with just a empty quad would crash. (1158732, 1161981)

  • Video: Fixed seeking forward and backwards in a video causes sound delays on Android. (1167452, 1168864)

  • Windows: Fixed deadlock on startup on systems with a certain group policy configuration. (1150661, 1170794)

  • Windows: Fixed OpenGL graphics API crashing on certain monitor configurations. (1147157, 1170790)

  • Windows: Fixed resolution reverting to native refresh rate after losing focus in exclusive full screen mode. (1164372, 1170788)

  • Windows: Fixed switching to exclusive full screen from full screen other modes not respecting specified refresh rate. (1164373, 1170783)

  • Windows: Fixed window being "Always on top" after switching from exclusive full screen to windowed full screen mode. (1157039, 1170782)

  • XR: Fix issue with Depth Based LSR on HoloLens V2 that caused significant jitter. (1169760, 1169763)


Third Party Notices

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