Unity 2022.1.2

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Known Issues in 2022.1.2f1

  • Asset Bundles: Textures are not compressed when building bundles (1412557)

  • Graphics Device Features: Random-write to UAV texture from shadowcaster shader causes GPU hang when filtering Scene Hierarchy objects (1417589)

  • IL2CPP: [Mobile] [IL2CPP] Build fails when using custom script and target architecture ARM64 is selected (1420369)

  • IMGUI: Impossible to change the Gradient's location value in the Visual Effects Graph when using the keyboard (1420954)

  • Kernel: Unity crashes on StackWalker::GetCurrentCallstack when rest-certificate.pem is corrupted (1423569)

  • Linux: PC doesn't sleep when the Editor is open (1418023)

  • Linux: New Input System's Input Actions windows's Binding Path dropdown is rendered as an empty white square on Linux (1391850)

  • Metal: Consistent EditorLoop 5-10ms spikes when using Metal API (1378985)

  • Mono: Editor crashes intermittently on mono_object_isinst when closing it in batch mode or when building (1418292)

  • Package: Empty "StreamingAssets" folder gets created after building an empty project (1423325)

  • Physics: Crash on internalABP::ABP_PairManager::addPair when switching to ArticulationJointType.SphericalJoint during runtime (1418715)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] Fallback to CPU PLM in CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT after switching light color only and rebaking GI (1356714)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [LightProbes] Probes lose their lighting data after entering Play mode when Baked and Realtime GI are enabled (1052045)

  • Quality of Life: [Mac] ShortcutManager ignores Shift modifier (1424655)

  • Scene/Game View: Game View is not displayed after setting language pack in Editor (1420291)

  • Shadows/Lights: Scene is brighter in Standalone player if it was open in the Editor at build time (1375015)

  • uGUI: Child Canvas Transform values are not saved when editing them in Prefab Mode (1413565)

  • uGUI: Immutable Package errors are thrown when selecting a Prefab containing Canvas Component (1388532)

2022.1.2f1 Release Notes


  • Version Control: Added checkin comment column to Plastic SCM window Incoming Changes view.


  • Asset Import: Importing Models and their Materials using MaterialDescription will correctly use the glossiness value from the Material Fbx properties and applies it to the Standard Shader. (1370645)

  • Version Control: Updated Go Back confirmation message to be consistent with feature
    Updated Create Child Branch dialog to focus on branch name field when opened
    Improved messaging of Subtractive Merge after using Go Back feature.


  • Android: Fixed app-freezing when an application changes into multi-window(split-screen) on Chrome OS tablet mode. (1361131)

  • Asset Import: Fixed internal MaterialDescription AssetPostprocessor priorities to -1000 so they don't conflict with users default implementations. (1360618)

  • Asset Import: Importing Models and their Materials using MaterialDescription will correctly use the glossiness value from the Material Fbx properties and applies it to the Standard Shader in HDRP and URP. (1370665)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed an issue where cached Sprite state could be stale.

  • Graphics: Fixed flickering of particle system when using Vulkan. (1417289)

  • Kernel: Fixed VirtualFileSystem tests failing in the case of short paths being returned. (1402346)

  • macOS: Enabled the Build and Run button for Apple Silicon builds in the Silicon Editor. (1415688)

  • macOS: Fixed flicker in splash screen when using OpenGL. (1396489)

  • macOS: Fixed OSX sending a Return keycode event when return was pressed to confirm an IME string. (1381684)

  • Mobile: Added a new Player setting "Reset resolution on window resize" to reset resolution when native window is resized. (1393410)

  • Physics 2D: Fixed an issue in the CustomCollider2D where a shapes bounds were not updating when replacing existing shapes with different vertices only. This resulted in an incorrect collision detection for that shape. (1425289)

  • Profiler: Fixed issue where Mesh memory usage was not being updated when applying new MeshData with Mesh.ApplyAndDisposeWritableMeshData. (1377773)

  • Scripting: Fixed case where the type of generic fields inside generic classes would fail to get resolved when building the project. (1415422)

  • Scripting: Fixed filtering of assemblies by platform constraints not working and by defines. (1373388)

  • Serialization: Fixed crash when deserializing a Prefab instance containing a resize on an array containing a nested type with a Fixed Buffer. (1400774)

  • Shaders: Fixed a crash when warming up a shader variant collection that had a shader with UsePass. (1407692)

  • Shaders: Fixed include dependencies being reported incorrectly when guarded by defines that depend on keywords. (1401580)

  • Shaders: Fixed redundant shader variant recompilation after Editor relaunch. (1425799)

  • Shaders: Fixed ShaderKeywordSet.Disable not disabling keywords. (1417644)

  • uGUI: Fixed InputField not correctly handling IME input when return was pressed. (1349037)

  • URP: Fixed issue of Renderer2D using the incorrect render path when lights are out of the scene view. (1400566)

  • Version Control: Fixed assets not added correctly when Plastic SCM window is not open
    Fixed wrong position of overlay icons on Pending Changes view
    Disallowed Go Back feature to a changeset from another branch.

  • Video: Fixed a crash when importing a file in play mode. (1305732)

  • WebGL: Fixed WebGL build in the Linux editor to include default resources. (1411380)

  • XR: Fixed Unity VR Splash screen not showing up on UWP.

Package changes in 2022.1.2f1

Packages updated

Packages added

Pre-release packages added


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