Unity 2021.3.31

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Known Issues in 2021.3.31f1

  • Asset - Database: An Infinite import error is thrown when modifying the contents of a "folder plugin" (UUM-47972)

  • Asset Importers: OnImportAsset leaks 5GB of memory (UUM-43067)

  • Culling: kShadowCastingShadowsOnly objects are rendered by Projectors (built-in renderer) (UUM-35705)

  • Culling: [Mobile] Player freezes on "UnityClassic::Baselib_SystemFutex_Wait" or silently crashes (UUM-41806)

  • DirectX11: D3D11 swapchain error pop-up appears and the Editor shuts down when opening a project (UUM-49251)

  • Input: Crash on InputDeviceIOCTL when closing Unity editor (UUM-10774)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Scripting Runtime: Sometimes the wrong image is displayed when using Cursor.SetCursor in software mode (UUM-46718)

  • Universal RP: Meshes are not rendered when building WindowsStandalonePlayer builds from the command line with "batchmode", "nographics" flags (UUM-47782)

  • Universal RP: Objects are invisible in Scene view when using Wireframe Shading Mode (UUM-36914)

2021.3.31f1 Release Notes


  • Shadergraph: The Shader Graph team has added a new sample content pack that can be installed via the Package Manager. The samples contain descriptions, examples, and break-downs for a majority of the nodes in Shader Graph - helping users understand the inner workings of the nodes and see examples of how they work and how they can be used.


  • Editor: Moving files in the Project window now takes less memory and is faster. (UUM-44466)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where some functionality of the CubemapInspector was unintentionally left available when inspecting native Cubemap textures. (UUM-22094)

  • HDRP: Reduced GC Alloc when using raytracing and HDRP. (UUM-40657)

  • HDRP: Updated description of Decal Projector Draw Distance setting to mention HDRP asset setting. (UUM-42539)


  • Editor: Added command to support Hub creating a new project, and connecting a project to Unity Version Control.

  • Editor: Android] Exceptions for "Unspecified Version" when including Play Libraries have been removed on 21.3 due to the logic changes when fixing Regex for Core-Common. (UUM-44744)

  • Editor: Don't write cloudProjectId in ProjectSettings.asset anymore since it should only be managed by Services.

  • Editor: [Android] Moved Play Library checks for plugins and gradle dependencies into methods in 21.3 for use in Editor Tests, to avoid building player in every test. (UUM-44744)

  • Version Control: Moved the button to invite users to the organization from the submenu to the toolbar.

  • Version Control: Show a message with a link to invite users to the organization after the first checkin.


  • 2D: Fixed bug where a GameObject instantiated by a Tile is recreated on the player when the user refreshes the Tile without changing the Tile. (UUM-45589)

  • Android: Bumped R8 version to a newer version than the ones bundled in tools to support sdk 34.

  • Android: Fixed a bug related to the "Mute Other Audio Sources" player setting on Android. There were two cases where another app's audio might not get muted when it should be. This could happen if the other app was started before the Unity app or if the other app was played via the Android "quick panel" after the Unity app was started. (UUM-37753)

  • Android: Fixed a potential race condition during pause routine, which would cause application to accidentally quit instead of pausing. (UUM-30732)

  • Android: Fixed AndroidJavaProxy not always finding over private methods. (UUM-44752)

  • Android: Show the last rendered frame when the application come back from the pause state. (UUM-30881)

  • Animation: Fixed a crash when destroying an animator with a playable graph which containts a scene handle when the graph hasnt been executed. (UUM-48364)

  • Animation: Fixed potential editor hang when previewing transitions to states set with an extremely large speed multiplier. (UUM-35558)

  • Apple TV: Fixed build of generated xcode project with xcode beta. (UUM-44352)

  • Apple TV: Fixed on screen keyboard unresponsive to controller when Remote.allowExitToHome is set to false. (UUM-39962)

  • Apple TV: Fixed startup with disconnected display. (UUM-32314)

  • Audio: Added lazy loopEnd evaluation to avoid keeping a value of 0. Downloaded audio files were were not updating this, causing a division by zero in the playback process. (UUM-32163)

  • Audio: Fixed a bug where AudioClips loaded via UnityWebRequest would keep two copies of the data, which doubled the memory usage unnecessarily. This was the case for non-streaming AudioClips. (UUM-2391)

  • Audio: Fixed AudioSource.Play() not starting from time=0 after manually seeking with AudioSource.time and then calling AudioSource.Stop(). (UUM-48572)

  • Build Pipeline: The Editor fails to build the Player when using a script to switch the Platform from "Dedicated Server". (UUM-34085)

  • Build System: Make MsvcInstallationLocator.ParseVSWhereResult accept input with a BOM.

  • Core: Fixed an issue where importing a hybrid package could fail if there was already a package whose name was a prefix of the hybrid package's UPM package name. (UUM-43102)

  • Editor: Editor on mac no longer presents old frames. (UUM-3147)

  • Editor: Editor: Fix for stripping out the Texture2DArray or Texture3D assets from dedicated server builds. (UUM-42750)

  • Editor: Ensure "Delete Shortcut Profile" window is a fixed size. (UUM-48165)

  • Editor: Ensure empty parent after reparenting jumps into rename mode if needed. (UUM-15042)

  • Editor: Fixed "Can not play a disabled audio source" warning when audio mute is toggled in scene view on with disabled Audio Source in the Scene. (UUM-31541)

  • Editor: Fixed a misleading error message when renaming a shortcut profile to a long string. (UUM-48040)

  • Editor: Fixed a possible audio mixer crash when loading asset bundles made prior to 2021. (UUM-30040)

  • Editor: Fixed a scaling issue in device simulator when the view is unmaximized. (UUM-48391)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where failure to create a window will cause every hidden window on the current desktop to be displayed. (UUM-48624)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the editor would temporarily freeze when selecting large compressed cubemaps with no mipchain. (UUM-28610)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the Texture3D previewer (volume mode) would not function with DX12 / Vulkan. (UUM-39954)

  • Editor: Fixed Area light sampling in lightmapper (improves convergence rate). (UUM-35492)

  • Editor: Fixed cache dir on Linux. (UUM-34544)

  • Editor: Fixed Camera.GetStereoEnabled() to return true only if the camera is rendering a stereo view.

  • Editor: Fixed case where "Failed to unpersist" error messages logged. (UUM-33746)

  • Editor: Fixed control shortcut modifier (^) was not been displayed, when introduced inside a custom menu Window for MacOS & Linux platforms. (UUM-40686)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when loading certain corrupted scenes. (UUM-43713)

  • Editor: Fixed Display.RelativeMouseAt() reporting invalid values when using multiple displays that have been resized or moved (Display C# API) on Windows. (UUM-44474)

  • Editor: Fixed editor height shrinks if changing layout. (UUM-30875)

  • Editor: Fixed extra 38-byte header in DXIL generated for shaders. (UUM-37067)

  • Editor: Fixed Input.mousePosition reporting invalid values when using multiple displays (Display C# API) on Windows. (UUM-44474)

  • Editor: Fixed intermittent crashes in the menu controller that can occur during domain reloads. (UUM-34847)

  • Editor: Fixed macos screen capture showing random pixels when capturing at screen edge. (UUM-7774)

  • Editor: Fixed material previews being rendered black. (UUM-29305)

  • Editor: Fixed OnMouseDown not working when using multiple displays that have been resized or moved (Display C# API) on Windows. (UUM-44474)

  • Editor: HDRP: Avoid crash on MacOS by no longer passing Probe Volumes buffer with unexpected stride. (UUM-41474)

  • Editor: No more deadlocks when manipulating game view during Play Mode on mac. (UUM-36218)

  • Editor: Rare case of static batching with transparent shadow rendering issue fixed. (UUM-36082)

  • Editor: Reverted a breaking change related to IGraphEventListener.

  • Editor: Reverted a breaking change where LudiqScriptableObject._data was marked as private.

  • Editor: Samsung S8 crashing after OpenExtractor failing to translate archive. (UUM-31317)

  • Editor: The Game view should no longer flicker to black in Play Mode on mac. (UUM-19574)

  • Editor: The stage priority for Sprite renderer and Canvas renderer now updates the value as expected. (UUM-35594)

  • Editor: [Android] Fixing Regex that checks for Play Libraries on 21.3 to avoid warnings when using Core-Common libraries instead of only Play Core warnings as expected. Regex now expects a series of digits/dots after the term "core" to avoid the confusion. (UUM-44744)

  • GI: Fixed bug where Directional Lightmaps would sometimes contain degenerate values when baking scenes with lots of invalid lightmap texels. (UUM-46067)

  • GI: Fixed crash when using very small cookie textures for lights. (UUM-43149)

  • Graphics: Fixed 'The transcoded bitstream was invalid' error being shown when streaming using SVT. (UUM-41518)

  • Graphics: Fixed a crash when enabling shadows in a scene with both Built-In render pipeline and SRP materials. (UUM-46685)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where copying to/from invalid mipmaps could cause a crash or hang to occur. (UUM-15079)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where the mipmap streaming system did not take runtime changes to material texture scale properties. (UUM-31184)

  • Graphics: Fixed game window display position on-screen for additional uncommon multi-monitor layouts. (UUM-33795)

  • Graphics: Fixed inspector preview for objects with negative scale. (UUM-47049)

  • Graphics: Improved SkinnedMeshRenderer mesh compatibility error message. (UUM-46329)

  • HDRP: Fixed prefab preview rendering dark until moved. (UUM-42162)

  • HDRP: Fixed preview for refractive materials with MSAA.

  • HDRP: Fixed ShaderGraph Decal material position issue by using world space position. (UUM-42716)

  • HDRP: Fixed the logic used to set up materials featuring displacement mapping that would sometimes result in artifacts or suboptimal performance. (UUM-44723)

  • HDRP: Fixed: realtime Reflection probe makes volumetrics clouds wind stop. (UUM-37387)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a crash in some cases where a generic type was being used. (UUM-42694)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed build failure when a delegate had a first parameter that was a function pointer. (UUM-44037)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed ExceptionSupportStack overflow with exception filters in loops. (UUM-42937)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed LoadIndirectNativeInteger to use a temp variable. (UUM-43502)

  • iOS: Fixed compatibility with Xcode 15. (UUM-46899)

  • iOS: Fixed multi line keyboard not showing up after it was closed while editing text field. (UUM-21521)

  • iOS: Fixed safe area not reporting correctly when changing orientation. (UUM-41818)

  • Linux: Exposing -datafolder command line argument for Linux Player release builds. (UUM-46895)

  • Linux: Fixed a bug with surround sound hardware not being detected on Linux. Fixed an issue on Windows where we would not re-init audio output correctly, when the Unity project requested surround sound, and the Editor or player was started with no such hardware available. When surround sound hardware is later enabled and set as the default output, it will now be used. (UUM-348)

  • Linux: Fixed Infinite import loop when opening a project which contains assets with the same name. (UUM-47845)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux Player generating mouse delta values when clicking the left mouse button repeatedly. (UUM-46825)

  • Linux: Fixed minor bug in GetOperatingSystemNumeric Linux API. (UUM-45625)

  • Linux: Fixed Scroll doesn't work when a window is attached to the left half of the secondary monitor. (UUM-43910)

  • macOS: Fixed app hanging when Player Loop is blocked by a blocking Modal window function and app unfocused and focused. (UUM-22691)

  • macOS: Lock camera configuration when Unity is using it. (UUM-45255)

  • Mono: Fixed Editor crash when mini_get_method fails. (UUM-45293)

  • Mono: Fixed min alignment of structures with explicit layout. (UUM-46084)

  • Mono: Produce crash dump when g_assertion_message is called. (UUM-43015)

  • Networking: Fixed issue where UnityWebRequest would fail to establish TLS connections with Windows Server 2012 and 2016. (UUM-41557)

  • Networking: Prevent virtual method in DownloadHandlerScript from being stripped. (UUM-34034)

  • Package Manager: Custom, local and git packages will only follow information from the package.json from now on. (UUM-47732)

  • Package Manager: Recommended version follows a better rule. (UUM-46466)

  • Physics: Fixed crash in Rigidbody.centerOfMass when accessed on a Rigidbody that got added as a component dependency and not initialised yet. (UUM-35842)

  • Physics: Fixed up a crash that happened when ArticulationBody was added next to TerrainCollider that had trees on it. (UUM-46116)

  • Prefabs: Fixed Not all childrens properties gets reverted when multi-editing a property under one Prefab instance. (UUM-42527)

  • Profiler: Removed extraneous calls to UpdateRendererBoundingVolumes when executing an empty CommandBuffer. (UUM-33237)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed "Edit/Frame Selected" not focusing the last active scene view in the case where the Hierarchy window is focused. (UUM-43944)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed an exception when using a shortcut to set the Shading Mode to Shaded. (UUM-15644)

  • Scripting: PrefabUtilitiy.InstantiateAttachedAsset is deprecated. (UUM-33714)

  • Serialization: Fixed calling JsonUtility.FromJson<T>(json) in parallel task. (UUM-46590)

  • Shaders: Fixed "gl_" identifiers error generated while compiling some geometry/tessellation shaders for Vulkan. (UUM-30365)

  • Shaders: Fixed the UsePass ShaderLab command so it searches all subshaders, not only the first one. (UUM-36470)

  • Shaders: Fixed \#include_with_pragmas directives deleting other lines of code during compute shader compilation using the new preprocessor. (UUM-35030)

  • SpeedTree: Meshes don't calculate UV distribution metrics on import. (UUM-27636)

  • Terrain: Fixed a player crash when a terrain tile completely made of holes was viewed from a distance. (UUM-45970)

  • UI Toolkit: Added a workaround for a Intel Graphics 3000 driver bug that would cause textures rendered by UI Toolkit to show incorrectly. (UUM-13134)

  • UI Toolkit: Double clicking a script in an ObjectField will open it in the IDE. (UUM-26459)

  • UI Toolkit: Dynamic height ListView was being scrolled to the wrong item when using ScrollToItem. (UUM-40674)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed error thrown when pressing the add button with a list view of value types. (UUM-23208)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed invalid elements tessellation when NaN values are set in the style transform values. (UUM-48759)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed reordering elements would create empty items with the ListView animated dragger. (UUM-27626)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ScrollView produces jittery animation when playing PostPointerUpAnimation. (UUM-40352)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed selection in custom controls in UI Builder. (UUM-32501)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed textured background UVs when inset because of opaque border. (UUM-35321)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed Vector3Field SetValueWithoutNotify triggers RegisterValueChangedCallback. (UUM-43504)

  • UI Toolkit: ListView's itemsChosen was being called when quickly clicking on two separate items. (UUM-42450)

  • UI Toolkit: Null reference exception thrown when clicking on an empty list view. (UUM-33898)

  • UI Toolkit: Reordered item becoming invisible in a ListView. (UUM-25806)

  • Universal RP: Added check for overlay cameras' inspector. (UUM-35241)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where additional lights were not rendering correctly when using a mix of shadow settings in deferred. (UUM-46577)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue with Screen Space Decals where dark artefacts appeared in the editor. (UUM-40885)

  • Universal RP: Fixed depth priming issues on Vulkan. (UUM-21113)

  • Universal Windows Platform: "Create App Packages..." option is greyed out when trying to Create App Packages in Visual Studio. (UUM-47116)

  • Version Control: Fixed Add to ignored/hidden changes list from the Project window creating a negative rule.

  • Version Control: Fixed Switch to changeset not working on Gluon partial workspace.

  • VFX Graph: Picking Overlay when the rotation is applied on VisualEffect component. (UUM-13531)

  • Video: Fixed memory leak when playing video with bigger resolution than 2k. (UUM-23285)

  • Video: Fixed WebCamTexture throws error when asking a different configuration than the one specified in NVIDIA Broadcast. (UUM-32751)

  • Web: Added stickyCursorLock API to make cursor lock "sticky" or "unsticky." A sticky cursor lock means that if the browser unlocks the cursor when the user presses the ESC key, the cursor will remain locked in Unity. To match the browser's behavior, users can set the stickyCursorLock to false, which will "unstick" the cursor lock. (UUM-16915)

  • XR: Updated XR Interaction Toolkit to version 2.5.1.

Package changes in 2021.3.31f1

Packages updated

Packages no longer available

  • com.unity.services.push-notifications

  • com.unity.services.vivox


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