Unity 2021.2.3

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Known Issues in 2021.2.3f1

  • 2D: Reordering "Sorting Layers" list causes Sprites to reference different Layer names and ID (1376779)

  • AI: NavMesh Agent can not pass through passable area between carving NavMesh Obstacles (1346325)

  • Android: Sometimes text is not rendered when using OpengLES3 on a Xiaomi Redmi9A device. (1347186)

  • Android: * Devices might wake up from sleep when in split screen mode.

    • Chrome OS devices that support tablet mode might not pause apps when they are no longer visible.

    • Some Android devices may experience delayed resolution updates after resizing a window.

    • Minimum window size might not be respected properly on all Android devices.

  • Asset Import Pipeline: Crash on OnDemandScheduler::SetStandbyWorkerCount when opening a project with a symbolic link in it (1370389)

  • CodeEditors: Attaching an icon to a MonoBehaviour script disappears when Selecting the Game Object (1379500)

  • CodeEditors: Crash on stopping debugging (1355156)

  • DirectX12: Objects are not lighted in Game view when using SEGI system with Graphics API for Windows set to Direct3D12 (1375746)

  • HD RP: HDRP Template fills the Console with "Shader error...couldn't open include file" messages after building the project (1342989)

  • IMGUI: List Elements in the PropertyField disappear when the window is displayed on the second screen (1371078)

  • Input: Touch Input doesn't work in Play Mode when running an Editor on a Touchscreen device (1341159)

  • Linux: Player settings and other options are locked after script compilation (1380015)

  • Linux: Linux Editor crashes at "RegisterRuntimeInitializeAndCleanup::ExecuteCleanup()" when quitting from "Enter Safe Mode" prompt (1374087)

  • Linux: Linux Editor crashes at "__assert_fail_base.cold" when opening a project (1375312)

  • MacOS: Editor freezes when Vsync is enabled and Game View window is resized on macOS (1375973)

  • MacOS: [OSX][Editor] DirectoryNotFoundException errors appear when a project is created inside a directory with unicode characters (1377915)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: Crash while sculpting Terrain and Baking Lightmaps (1266511)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] Crash in (nvopencl64) clGetPlatformInfo after enabling Auto Generate checkbox at the end of GI Bake (1379762)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] Fallback to CPU PLM in CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT after switching light color only and rebaking GI (1356714)

  • Scene Management: Instantiated FBX through code throws error after leaving Play Mode (1363573)

  • Scene Template: [Linux][HDRP] Editor crashes when opening HDRP Sample Scene Template Project (1381237)

  • Scripting: Crash in CombineMeshFiltersForStaticBatching after switching active additively loaded scenes and entering Play mode (1377416)

  • Scripting: Error CS8035 is thrown on opening a project when using rulesets (1349517)

  • Scripting: Only some assemblies fail to be loaded when assembly name does not match the file name (1345099)

  • ShaderGraph: [General][AssetDB][URP] Adding URP to the project causes reimports of many assets and goes into infinite import loops (1374611)

  • Shadows/Lights: Scene is brighter in Standalone player if it was open in the Editor at build time (1375015)

  • Shuriken: [Particles] Inspector breaks and errors are thrown when the Material field is deleted from the Particle System (1379541)

  • Templates: Editor crashes when exiting and keeping a tutorial project (1338299)

  • Vulkan: [Editor] The Scene's GameObjects textures are seemingly random and change colours depending on the Scene's Camera pos. (1337772)

  • Window Management: Broken layout stops panels located in the top left corner of the Editor from rendering in the Karting Microgame project (1367783)

  • XR SDK: Severe flickering in Unity 2020.3.21f1 with OpenXR on HL2 (1376203)

  • XR SDK: [XR][Linux] Scene View doesn't render when opening new AR or VR Template project or pressing "Show Tutorials" (1362435)

2021.2.3f1 Release Notes


  • Version Control: Added visual overview bar to the incoming changes tab
    Added progress dialog for the migration process
    Added Branches tab that shows a list of all branches in the repository
    Added option and dialog to create a child branch from selected branch.
    Added option to switch to another branch
    Added option and dialog to rename a branch
    Added option to delete a branch
    Added a preference to save if the window should open the Branches tab by default
    Added metrics for Plastic SCM installation window usage


  • Graphics: UX Improvements on the material editor

  • IL2CPP: Use intrinsics for System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe methods

  • Package: 2021.2/backport-udp-2.2.3 to 2021.2/staging

  • Scripting: Add GameObject link to Warning message: "SendMessage cannot be called during Awake, CheckConsistency, or OnValidate.".

  • Stadia: Adds missing Copy/Paste functionality (1361998)

  • Undo System: Improved performance of undo for pasting multiple objects


  • 2D: Updated 2D Template to use new package format structure.

  • 2D: Updated 2D URP Template to use new package format structure.

  • Graphics: Mark OpenGL ES 2.0 as deprecated in Graphics API selection UI

  • Package: com.unity.purchasing has been updated to 4.1.1

  • Package: Updates com.unity.cinemachine to 2.8.2

  • uGUI: Updated the context menu order and grouped all non-TMP game objects and components under legacy.

  • Version Control: Updated status bar notification icons
    Updated texts for workspace modes selection and checkin comment box


  • 2D: Fixed 2D URP project template opens "Untitled" scene instead of "SampleScene". (1368664)

  • AI: Fixed issue where the method SamplePosition did not consider detail mesh for sampling. (1325627)

  • Android: Fixed a bug related to using a touchpad with Unity UI scroll rects. Touchpad scrolling is much more sensitive now on Android and Chrome OS. (1364582)

  • Audio: Fixed audio mixer (and potentially other audio components) causing a crash on dedicated server. (1365720)

  • Editor: Fixed a console break when selecting a console message. (1369098)

  • Editor: Fixed disappearing ReorderableList elements when reordering. (1353883)

  • Editor: Fixed PackageManager memory leak when continuously opening the window. (1362559)

  • Editor: SerializedProperty.tooltip will now contain Tooltip attribute values when available. (1359356)

  • Editor: When performing an incremental build, Unity will clean intermediate build folders, if it detects that previous build was done with a different bee backend. (1371602)

  • Graphics: Added MSAA depth resolve Vulkan support.

  • Graphics: DX12 task executor no longer executes other jobs when waiting that could lead to deadlocks. (1366202)

  • Graphics: Fixed D3D12 validation error on render target and pipeline state sample count mismatch. (1371812)

  • Graphics: Fixed Graphics.CopyTexture behavior when the specified region is not aligned with compression block size. (1366297)

  • Graphics: Fixed high memory usage when running Unity in batch mode and importing a high number of assets. (1337474)

  • Graphics: Fixed incorrect compression of 8k ETC textures using the Crunch compressor. (1346908)

  • Graphics: Reverted an unintended API change. (1352178)

  • Graphics: Vulkan on EmbeddedLinux spamming "GetGfxDevice() should only be called from main thread".

  • IL2CPP: Correct an error during code conversion for an abstract method that provides an interface method implementation in an abstract base class. (1361812)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed multicast invoke calls to generic methods. Fixes runtime exceptions when de-serializing generic classes. (1374185)

  • IMGUI: Fixed GUILayout.Label changes colour when hovered over with mouse. (1358117)

  • iOS: Fixed erroneous ads enabling.

  • Linux: Key presses are now consistent with the "Use Physical Key" option in Input Manager settings. (1330732)

  • Mono: Fixed issue where System dlls were being treated as if they were plugin dlls which would cause them to get incorrectly removed from the build. (1373389)

  • Package Manager: Always keep the package manager toolbar active during refresh operations.

  • Package Manager: Fixed the issue when the list don't scroll to selected item when using arrow key sometimes. (1371678)

  • Package Manager: Implement asset's Re-Download button to fix issue when using multiple Unity versions and have one asset version cached. (1371056)

  • Package Manager: Removed special character in users initials to be in sync with Hub and Asset store. (1377478)

  • Particles: Added "enabled" script API to the ParticleSystemForceField, to turn a force field on/off. (1366533)

  • Particles: Removed slow type lookup code from SetParticles and GetParticles. (1373296)

  • Physics: Improved stability of Rigidbody2D XY constraints when X or Y constraint are used independent of each other. (1373134)

  • Physics: Stopped PhysicsShapeGroup2D producing GC waste when adding new physics shapes even when physics shape capacity wasn't reached. (1377116)

  • Profiler: Update Profile Analyzer package version to 1.1.1, which includes two bug fixes. Release notes available at https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.performance.profile-analyzer@latest/index.html?subfolder=/changelog/CHANGELOG.html.

  • Search: Enable Show Package Results for the find provider (find:). (1377480)

  • Search: Fixed New table view columns should be based on the selected search group. (1371705)

  • Search: Fixed NullReferenceException after switching Description column format to Performance metric. (1364701)

  • Search: Fixed search picker fails to filter sprite assets. (1371778)

  • Stadia: Fixes Backspace and Tab not working within TextMeshPro input field. (1362018)

  • Stadia: Fixes IMGUI's TextField not receiving text input. (1222926)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed build time scaling non-linearly based on the number of build output files. (1374725)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed issue where UWP UnityWebRequests were not properly working with https. (1375004)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Screen.dpi returning 0. (1376703)

  • Version Control: Fixed inverted text for the force checkout option
    Fixed typing capital O in checkin comment would open the selected item
    Fixed loading indicator not centered on Plastic SCM installation window
    Fixed installing Plastic SCM would sign out user from the plugin
    Removed extra refresh button on Gluon's Incoming Changes tab
    Fixed loading indicator not centered on Plastic SCM installation window
    Fixed missing Plastic SCM window option when user is not signed in on Unity Hub
    Removed meta file warning message for the deleted Beta folder
    Fixed Plastic SCM menu missing from Project view context menu

  • Video: Fixed a crash caused by importing, reimporting or transcoding a video file in the Editor (Mac Only). (1330537)

  • WebGL: Obsoleted the old Emscripten JS string marshalling function Pointer_stringify(). Instead, use the function UTF8ToString(). (1369748)

  • WebGL: Removed the assertion with touch events that assumes that browser would create new Touch event objects for each generated touch event. This does not hold at least for Firefox for Android. This fix takes into account that TouchEvent.changedTouches and TouchEvent.targetTouches are not subsets of the "full" TouchEvent.touches array in Firefox when updating the touch list. (1354245)

  • Windows: Fixed development builds not working on machines that don't have VC++ runtime installed. (1367532)

  • XR: Fixed XR plugin interface depth issue. (1376203)

  • XR: Removed disable of showHologram support for HoloLens devices. (1375195)

  • XR: Updated the verified AR Foundation related packages to 4.2.1. Please see the AR Foundation package changelog for details.


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