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Design a beautiful world in Unity

What you’ll get from this page: Tips for video game designers, level designers, environment and 3D artists, and AR/VR creators: catch up on the features in Unity that take your level designs from grayboxing to detailed 3D, augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Design game levels fast

Snaps asset packs provide themed collections of assets that help you streamline your workflow from prototype to production. Use Snaps assets together with Unity’s worldbuilding features ProBuilder and ProGrids to quickly take your level design from greyboxing to full production.  


Design game environments fast

Unity’s Terrain tools received a major overhaul recently. The latest features are available as a Preview package, including Terrain Material painting. See this session for a complete rundown and demo of the latest capabilities in Unity for creating 3D environments.


Sculpt your terrain

In Unity 2019.3 we've added the ability to create holes in your terrain. We'll show how to do this and show how you can combine the Terrain Tools with ProBuilder and PolyBrush to help you make interesting terrain geometry.


Prototype and build AR apps

AR Foundation

AR Foundation allows you to develop your AR app once, then deploy it across multiple mobile and wearable (smart glasses, heads up display, holographic display) AR devices. It includes core features from each platform, as well as unique Unity features that include photorealistic rendering, physics, device optimizations, and more. 

See this recent Unite Now session for the latest features and improvements in AR Foundation.

Unity MARS

The Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) is an authoring solution with that sits on top of AR Foundation. It provides a custom UI built specifically for AR development. Extending AR Foundation, MARS allows you to quickly prototype, test, and build rich, deeply interactive apps that truly augment reality.

Get a nice introduction to Unity MARS in this blog post. A free 45-day trial is also available to all Unity users.  

La conception avec la réalité mélangée Unity

Design better AR Interfaces

The spatial design team, part of the authoring tools group in Unity Labs, is working on a head-mounted display (HMD) companion app for Project MARS. In the HMD companion app, you can quickly capture environments from the real world to later import into the Editor for simulation, perform content editing, greyboxing, author conditions, and queries.


Better AR interfaces

Review your designs in VR

The Immersive Collaboration Toolkit provides the foundation to develop, design, and review VR games and experiences within Unity. 


La conception avec l'exécution de l'EditorXR Unity

Create XR experiences in XR

EditorXR is an extension for working in Unity’s Scene View in XR head-mounted displays (HMDs). EditorXR lets you create content spatially. Read about one of the latest features, EditorXR Runtime.


Create in the space
La conception avec le kit d'outils d'interaction en XR Unity

Crack the AR & VR code

The XR Interaction Toolkit enables you to add interactivity to your AR & VR experiences, across our supported platforms, without having to code the interactions from scratch. It’s available as a Preview package for Unity 2019.3 via the Package Manager.


Interact with AR & VR

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