Crash reporting

Improve game stability and decrease player churn by reducing crashes. Use tools to help you identify, investigate, and resolve issues quickly.

Improve stability, reduce churn

Players are more likely to stop playing when they encounter bugs and crashes. Real-time crash data can help your team fix bugs faster to make sure your players don’t churn.

cloud diagnostics advanced

Options that fit your budget

Options that fit your budget

Choose tools to suit your budget and needs. Unity offers crash and error reporting solutions that are free to start using and can be scaled up as your project grows.

Crash reporting solutions

Cloud Diagnostics

Get real-time error monitoring so you can resolve bugs impacting your game’s stability. Included with Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise subscriptions.

Cloud Diagnostics Advanced
Explore advanced crash and error reporting that offers more customizable and detailed reporting, better workflow integrations, and compatibility with non-Unity engines.

Compare products

Cloud Diagnostics
Included with Unity Pro and Enterprise
  • Supports the Unity engine
  • Supports mobile and PC
  • 10,000 crash and exception reports per day
  • 1 GB of report storage
  • 90-day data retention
  • Integrations with webhook, email, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and Jira
Cloud Diagnostics Advanced
Powered by Backtrace
  • Supports Unity, Unreal, and in-house engines
  • Supports Xbox® and PlayStation® dev environments
  • Supports mobile, PC, console, and more
  • 1,000,000 crash and exception reports per month
  • 100 GB of report storage
  • 90-day data retention
  • Get more reports, storage, and data retention for an extra fee
  • Integrations with webhook, email, Slack, MS Teams, Discord, Asana, Jira, and advanced Jira assignee controls
  • More customizable and detailed reporting options
  • Custom exception grouping and de-duplication
  • Filter and search by custom metadata

Learn more

Cloud Diagnostics documentation
Learn how to start using Cloud Diagnostics in your Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise subscription.
Cloud Diagnostics Advanced documentation

Review the manual to help you get Cloud Diagnostics Advanced up and running.


Get more information about pricing for Cloud Diagnostics Advanced and learn how it can scale as your game grows.

Reduce crashes

Identify, investigate, and resolve crashes in your game to create a better player experience. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Cloud Diagnostics and Cloud Diagnostics Advanced?

Cloud Diagnostics Advanced offers more features, error reporting capacity, and broader platform support. Cloud Diagnostics Advanced is also a paid service, while Cloud Diagnostics is included with Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise subscriptions. See the comparison table above for more information.

How do I integrate Cloud Diagnostics in my game?

Visit the Package Manager in the Unity Editor to enable Cloud Diagnostics with one click. For detailed documentation on the integration process, read the getting started guide.

How do I integrate Cloud Diagnostics Advanced into my game?

To integrate Cloud Diagnostics Advanced, you need a project and a submission token. The tokens require an active subscription, which generates a submission token by default. 

For more details, log in to the Unity Dashboard or read the setup documentation.

Can I migrate from Cloud Diagnostics to Cloud Diagnostics Advanced?

Yes, Cloud Diagnostics users can upgrade by purchasing seats of Cloud Diagnostics Advanced and importing the data from the Cloud Diagnostics project into the new instance of Cloud Diagnostics Advanced. Learn how in our documentation.

How much does Cloud Diagnostics Advanced cost?

Cloud Diagnostics Advanced uses a per-seat / per-year subscription model that depends on your target platforms. It also allows greater error capacity and storage through purchasable upgrades.

See the full pricing by logging in to the Unity Dashboard.

What does it mean that Cloud Diagnostics Advanced is powered by Backtrace?

Cloud Diagnostics Advanced is a version of Backtrace, from Sauce Labs, that Unity makes available directly in the Unity Dashboard, along with the other Unity Gaming Services.

You’re getting the same robustness, reliability, and reputation of Backtrace directly in the Unity Dashboard. Cloud Diagnostics Advanced is also an upgrade path for existing Cloud Diagnostics users who want better crash and error reporting.

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