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Player sign-in and authentication
Build your live game with a player account and authentication system to provide a secure and continuous gameplay experience across multiple devices.
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The foundation of live games

The most successful live games engage players with features for community building, as well as progression and purchase tracking. Provide a persistent player identity to help your players make the most of these features and develop a deeper connection with your game.

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Cross-platform support

Launching on multiple platforms can encourage players to play your game more often. Deliver a smooth and persistent player experience across devices so they can pick up where they left off.

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Flexible implementation

Unity Authentication and Unity Player Accounts offer you the flexibility to oversee your players’ identities by providing mix-and-match features suited to your game and target platforms.

Use cases
Enable cross-platform experiences

Set up sign-ins with platform accounts so your players can sign in from any device and keep playing from where they left off.

Protect your economy

Set up authenticated sign-in to associate each player with unique tokens and an ID that can’t be manipulated by anyone else.

Enjoy multiplayer game support

Use Authentication with Lobby and Matchmaker so your players can securely and anonymously authenticate, connect, communicate, and form groups to play your game in a party.

Supporting products
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Authenticate players for a seamless user experience. Supports anonymous sign-in, Unity Player Accounts, platform-specific sign-in solutions, and bring-your-own identity systems.

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Player Accounts

Part of Authentication, Player Accounts is a Unity-branded, browser-based player account and sign-in solution. It provides a secure, consistent, and seamless account experience.

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Cloud Save

Flexible and easy-to-use, Cloud Save allows you to track and store player data like progression, abilities, and statistics to the cloud.

Learn more
Authentication documentation

Read the documentation for Authentication to learn more.

Player Accounts documentation

Read the Player Accounts documentation for more information.


Visit the forum to ask questions and find solutions from the community and the Unity team.

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Build the foundation for a great player experience

Increase engagement and provide consistent experiences by adding a player identity system to your game. It’s built to integrate seamlessly with Unity projects and is free to use.

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