Unity Community Solutions

Elevate player engagement, foster positive interactions, and create a thriving, active player base with our Community Solutions suite.

Connect players at scale

Power player communication for games of all sizes, from a two-person project to millions of simultaneous users, with engine-agnostic voice and text chat.

Connect players at scale

Boost engagement and competition

Boost engagement and competition

Bring players together by adding social elements like friends and leaderboards to your game. Together, these features enhance engagement and retention by fostering a more vibrant gaming community.

Create a safe and inclusive in-game community

Make your community safer using our end-to-end moderation platform, which integrates evidence from voice analysis for content review and the ability to take confident actions.

Create a safe and inclusive in-game community

Explore Community Solutions

Vivox Voice Chat

Build communities and immersive experiences with a scalable, cost-friendly voice communication solution that connects your players across distance and platforms.

Vivox Text Chat

Vivox Text Chat enables engine-agnostic cross-platform communication for games of any size. Players can collaborate with a team or embark on an exciting multiplayer adventure.

Safe Voice

Get the insights you need to tackle disruptive behaviors in your game with AI-powered toxicity detection from Safe Voice.


Manage your players’ safety using our end-to-end moderation platform. With Safe Voice integration, it’s easy to monitor community health and make confident moderation decisions.


Connect your players across platforms, display when they’re online, and give them the ability to block unwanted interactions.


Let your players compare performance with Unity’s a highly scalable solution that promotes player engagement through friendly competition.

VALORANT case study
Vivox Voice and Text Chat

After proven performance in League of Legends, Riot leveraged Voice and Text chat (Vivox) to give VALORANT players a strong voice.

Standoff 2 case study
Vivox Voice and Text Chat

Axlebolt studios integrated Vivox four years after their mobile game’s launch to supercharge their in-game community and gain a 63% increase in day-90 player retention.

Rainbow Six Siege case study
Vivox Voice and Text Chat

Transitioning from an internal peer-to-peer voice solution to Vivox meant a significant improvement in voice stability and performance for Rainbow Six Siege players.

Hi-Rez case study
Safe Voice

Learn how Hi-Rez monitors in-game voice communications, maximizes moderator efficiency, and makes data-informed decisions to improve player safety.

Elevate, engage, and empower your gaming community

Designed to foster positive interactions and safe spaces, our  social communication and safety tools are tailored to build a thriving gaming ecosystem. Don’t just manage a community – cultivate one that players will never want to leave.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to purchase the entire Community Solutions suite?

No, you don’t have to invest in the entire Community Solutions Suite to benefit from its features. We offer flexible packages tailored to meet your unique needs. Select the tools that align with your specific objectives, and mix and match for a customized solution that elevates your gaming experience.

Is the Community Solutions suite compatible with all game engines?

Yes, most components of our Community Solutions Suite are engine-agnostic, designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of game engines. For specific compatibility queries or more in-depth information, please feel free to contact us directly.

Is the suite scalable as my community grows?

Absolutely! Our community solutions suite is designed to adapt and grow with your community. No matter how large your player base becomes, the suite can help to accommodate and serve your needs.

Is the suite compatible with mobile gaming platforms?

Yes, the suite is fully compatible with mobile gaming platforms. Users can seamlessly integrate and enjoy the features offered across various mobile games.

How much does the Community Solutions cost?

Each solution within our Community Solutions Suite has its own pricing structure to offer maximum flexibility for your specific needs. For detailed pricing information tailored to your community, contact us directly.

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