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Engage your players
Understand your game and engage your players. Gain valuable insights, data, and tools to help you efficiently refine your game experience, retain players, and grow your game.
Our multiplayer teams at Unity are gathering in July and August to provide an overview of the latest Unity 6 multiplayer features as well as LiveOps.
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All of your game data in one convenient platform

Understand game performance and player behaviors with Analytics. Capture insights using prebuilt dashboards or dig deeper with set custom events, funnels and data explorer.

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Build your player community with scalable voice and text chat (Vivox)

With our Community Solutions, studios of all sizes can implement accessible voice and text chat across multiple platforms to support large-scale games.

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Run in-game tests to optimize user experience

With Analytics and Player Engagement tools you can run A/B tests, experiment with push notifications, and update gameplay without app or code changes.

Analytics Solutions
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Analytics enables studios to understand game performance and player behaviors. Capture insights using prebuilt dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data.

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Data Explorer

Build and execute queries, plot results into different types of visualizations, and export your data to programs like Microsoft Excel, Tableau, or OpenOffice.

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Funnels allow you to easily visualize the user flow and progression through your game. Optimize player experiences during onboarding and diagnose issues like level difficulty.

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Event Manager

View your configured events and track custom events within your game, based on player actions taken in-game.

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Event Browser

Ensure projects are running smoothly by utilizing the event browser to debug events coming in from your game. View up to 100 events from within the last 48 hours.

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SQL Data Explorer

Deeply understand your gameplay, combine your data with other important data sets, and create custom views for your studio.

Player Engagement
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Game Overrides

Create personalized in-game player experiences and configuration changes safely, with guardrails in place.

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A/B Testing

Through Game Overrides, run experiments on different game elements and see what impact they have on your game.

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Push Notificationsᴮᴱᵀᴬ

Send messages to targeted players when they aren’t active in your game. Leverage this to inform players about important events, re-engage lapsed players, and more.

Community Solutions
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Voice Chat (Vivox)

Leverage 2D channels for teammates to communicate, or make truly immersive worlds with 3D positional channels that factor in player position and orientation.

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Text Chat (Vivox)

Whether playing with a team or taking on a multiplayer adventure, Text Chat (Vivox) lets your player coordinate in group chats or direct messages for a great game experience.

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Let players compare their performance to boost engagement and competition with customizable real-time leaderboards.

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Add a new social experience to your games by helping players connect with others across any platform.

Monitor Performance
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Cloud Diagnostics

Real-time error monitoring so you can rapidly resolve the bugs impacting your game’s stability.

Cloud Diagnostics Advanced
Cloud Diagnostics Advanced

A crash and error reporting tool to help identify, investigate, and resolve crashes and exceptions that are hurting a player’s experience.

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