Laying the foundation for multiplayer creation

Learn the latest about our upcoming, first-party netcode solution — including the libraries, tutorials, and samples you need to start exploring.

Enter the Boss Room

Boss Room is a small scale cooperative game sample project – built on top of the MLAPI library – designed to help you explore the concepts and patterns behind a multiplayer game.

Explore our in-progress open source networking solution

We’re evolving our solution in the open to deliver a netcode foundation that you can depend on – customizable and extensible to meet the needs of many multiplayer game types.

Explore the experimental package on GitHub.

Stay in sync with live docs

Our netcode solution evolves on a daily basis – and so does the documentation site. 

Dive into our open source documentation to check out the technical references, submit edits, request new resources, and access guides to get started with networking.

Learn and create within a community

Someone once said that it’s dangerous to go alone – so join the journey! Our team participates actively on the Unity Multiplayer forum as well as Discord and GitHub.

Key benefits

An extensible solution

Make the netcode solution your own – the architecture helps with extensibility and empowers you to customize your solution.

Built in the open

Our development team is working in the open to ensure complete transparency with our community.

Community support

Access a live documentation site of resources and active Discord to get the help you need.

Get Netcode insights straight to your inbox

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Frequently asked questions

Does MLAPI work for P2P?

The current version of MLAPI supports a host/listen-server model where one client acts as the host and other clients connect to it.

Which platforms will MLAPI support?

The current version of MLAPI supports most platforms except WebGL. The networking framework we’re building based on MLAPI will eventually support all major Unity supported platforms.

When will MLAPI be production ready?

Unfortunately we can’t share a firm date of when the new networking framework will be production ready. However, this is one of our top priorities at Unity for 2021 and the releases will reflect that.

Will MLAPI be integrated into Unity Engine?

MLAPI is a key building block of what will become Unity’s first-party GameObjects Multiplayer Networking Framework. Our plan of record is to keep this new framework as a separate package from the core engine.

Will you accept pull requests from the community?

Absolutely! Both in the SDK and the docs. We’re really excited to be able to share this journey with the community. We will also make other different flavours of contributions available, for instance RFC processes to discuss design decisions.

Can you use a Dedicated Server with the MLAPI?

MLAPI supports a dedicated game server model. To create a dedicated game server with MLAPI you can build your project as a server build and then upload that build to a game server hosting service or your own server hardware.

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