Generate sustainable revenue with in-game ads

Anzu empowers Unity game developers by adding significant, sustainable revenue streams that respect gamers by blending real-world, non-disruptive brand ads directly into gameplay.

How Anzu works

Anzu’s tech transforms in-game objects into valuable advertising collateral. Anzu works closely with developers at every stage of the process to help integrate the ads effectively, bring advertisers in, and preserve the quality of gamers’ experience.

Anzu SDK

Highly optimized single core SDK codebase

Anzu’s SDK is lightweight in size and performance, and it has a low impact on final build size, RAM, and CPU. Its quick and easy drag-and-drop integration means that you can create your first ad placement in just 15 minutes.

Orhun Mert Simsek, Co-founder, APPS

“Anzu has helped increase our in-game ads revenue by 131%, with them now making up between 5–10% of our total monthly revenue.”

Orhun Mert Simsek, Co-founder, APPS
Florent Castelnerac, Managing Director, Ubisoft Nadeo

“Anzu has helped us increase our ability to deliver high-quality live experiences thanks to real advertising being displayed in our electronic stadium.”

Florent Castelnerac, Managing Director, Ubisoft Nadeo

Key benefits

Simple integration and full control

Access easy drag-and-drop integration and control of content, data, pricing, ad formats, and density.

High fill and CPM rates
High fill and CPM rates

Unlock a high fill rate of OpenRTB, coupled with high CPMs of direct deals with name brands.

Global brands
Access to global brands

Strategic partnerships with major holding groups gives you access to direct campaigns of global brands.

UX friendly
UX friendly

Ads don’t interrupt gameplay, and they are non-clickable to keep players within the game.

End-to-end service
End-to-end service

Anzu engages advertisers, handles campaigns, processes payments, and more.

Maximize revenue
Maximize revenue

Use both banner and video ad formats, even in the same ad placement.

Monetize your titles now

Anzu empowers you with additional, significant, sustainable revenue streams that respect gamers. Sign up for an account today to begin integrating in-game ads into your titles from within Unity.

Frequently asked questions

How much control will I have over ads and revenue visibility?

Anzu’s dashboard provides you with full inventory management and advanced campaign controls and content filtering, including ad category, campaign, advertiser blocking. You can also configure campaign optimization and bid floor price control, as well unlocking creative handling and the ability to see all in-game creatives served with real time analytics and reporting.

Are there any requirements for getting Anzu’s SDK?

Anzu supports all major Unity LTS platform versions, and its SDK supports iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, and VR.

How do you optimize ads to ensure revenue remains consistent?
  • Use Anzu component to understand your current viewability metrics within your placements.
  • Consider a different placement position based on the viewability metrics you’ve noticed.
  • Consult with your Anzu rep regarding popular aspect ratios and additional SDK features for you to include within your game.
  • Make sure you have support for both video and image within your in-game placements.
What is the impact on the gaming experience?

Anzu’s placements are designed to be user-friendly and non-disruptive. The team will work with you to help optimize your ads to ensure they complement gameplay. Anzu also works closely with brands to ensure their ads are contextually relevant to the games where they are featured.

What formats do you offer?

Anzu’s blended ads can be either display or video. They are rectangular in shape and can be static or dynamic with various interactivity options. Anzu also offers custom ads, which can be tailored depending on the developer and advertisers’ preferences.

What kinds of ads can I expect to appear in my games?

Anzu holds close relationships with many of the world’s leading brands, including PepsiCo, Samsung, Vodafone, American Eagle, and Klarna. Developers working with Anzu will benefit from having their latest campaigns appear within their games.

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