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Creating change

Creators are changemakers, and Unity is their platform for making an impact. Many creators around the globe are using Unity to tell stories or build tools that will have a positive and meaningful impact on society, their communities, and the planet. We founded Unity for Humanity to celebrate these creators and support their journey to change lives and improve our world.

Unity for Humanity Program: Call for Submissions

The Unity for Humanity Program provides selected impact-driven Made with Unity projects with funding, mentorship, and technical and marketing assistance. We collaborate with creators and social entrepreneurs developing real-time 3D projects that inspire meaningful change. 

Check back in early 2021 for information on the next call for submissions.


Rare Beauty Challenge

Unity Social Impact has partnered with Rare Beauty to underscore technology’s potential to impact and inform the challenges and treatment of mental health. We’ve created the Unity for Humanity Rare Beauty Challenge to specifically support creators addressing mental health and wellbeing, with a focus on underserved communities. The Challenge closed January 15, 2021. Winners will be announced in May 2021.

Guiding ideals

The Unity for Humanity program is guided by two goals:

Promoting empathy, respect and opportunity: We recognize and support creators with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Amplifying impact: We provide opportunities for creators to foster a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Unity for Humanity Summit, October 21–22 2020

The Unity for Humanity Summit is a free, two-day online event spotlighting how creators around the globe are harnessing real-time 3D technology to power real-world change. Discussions and presentations help social impact-driven creators to learn, connect, and celebrate their work and to inspire and empower more people to create for change.

Unity for Humanity project submission FAQs

What type of projects are eligible to apply?

Project(s) eligible for submission must be a prototype or a project in any stage of production. The Unity for Humanity program’s call for submissions accepts any genre of project that uses Unity as its sole RT3D development platform.

All projects must be impact-driven, meaning that they have measurable impact goals and/or calls to action and/or encompass themes of social, healthcare, education, humanitarian, and environmental issues.

Projects must also align with at least one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Are there any countries and territories prohibited from applying and why?

The countries and individuals the United States has introduced sanctions against are prohibited from applying. CRIMEA - REGION OF UKRAINE, CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN, and SYRIA.

What criteria do you use to select which projects to partner with?

We select and collaborate on projects based on the following criteria:

  • Inclusion: We always welcome and encourage projects from teams that represent a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.
  • Impact: Does your project have measurable impact goals and calls to action? Are these aligned with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Viability: Does the team have a realistic plan of execution for the production and distribution of the project so that it can achieve the greatest impact?
  • Innovation (bonus!): Does the project feature a technical achievement in Unity? Does it use Unity in a unique way?

The criteria for each call for submissions may vary to reflect topical social issues and causes.  

What languages are projects to be submitted in?

All projects must be submitted in English. We work with creators with varying levels of English ability.

What materials are needed to apply?

Creators must fill out the application form provided through the submission portal and upload a pitch deck (in PDF format), as well as a video clip showcasing the project and/or a video trailer (MP4).

Please make sure the pitch deck includes: 

  • Information about the team  and company (with consent from each teammate)
  • A production budget with a plan for use of Unity funding (if received)
  • Information on any partners attached to the project
  • A production timeline, distribution timeline and detailed distribution plan
  • Impact goals
Who are the judges?

Projects will be selected by Unity staff, employees and/or representatives internally, including theUnity for Humanity Program team members for the initial selection, employees from across teams and verticals, and a final committee of judges for the final decision.

What do the selected projects receive?

Selected projects will receive production funding from a pool of 100k and technical support and mentorship from Unity for the 2020 recipients.

I’ve submitted my in production work via the portal. What do I do now?

No further action is required. You should have received a confirmation email indicating that the project has been received. We review all projects submitted, and applicants will be notified when the committee has made their selection. Our 2020 recipients will receive notification in early 2021, and recipients will be announced on our website.

Only "selected" applicants will be notified, with additional documentation required to be complete, and there is no guaranteed volume of selections.

Thank you for submitting!


Create meaningful change

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