Unity for Humanity

Grants, events, community, and mentorship for creating change

Driving real-time impact

We believe visionary creators are the catalyst for a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world. The Unity for Humanity program uplifts, supports, and connects changemakers using real-time 3D to build a brighter future.

What is Unity for Humanity?

The Unity for Humanity program empowers real-time 3D creators to make the world a better place by helping bring their visions to life and amplifying their impact.


We provide financial support needed by creators to bring their projects to market.


We use our technical skills and expertise to help empower creators to realize their visions.

Inspiration & education

Through the Unity for Humanity summit, we inspire creators to use their real-time 3D skills for good.


Publishing an experience isn’t the end of the road. We use our reach to help social impact projects connect with wider audiences and create lasting change.

The Unity for Humanity grant

We offer funding, mentorship, and technical support for RT3D social impact projects. In 2023, we’re awarding a total of $500,000 USD to help grantees bring their projects to life.

Past Unity for Humanity Grants

We partner with organizations and activists to support creators making an impact on the world around them.

Imagine Grant

In 2021 we partnered with award-winning artist and activist Common to create the Imagine Grant, given to the project that best inspires audiences to ‘imagine a better world.’

Rare Impact Challenge
Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact

We partnered with Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact to fund immersive experiences that raise awareness, increase support access, and destigmatize conversations surrounding mental health.

Environment & Sustainability Grant
UNEP and Project Drawdown

We collaborated with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Project Drawdown to provide grants for creators using real-time 3D to foster a more sustainable world.

The Unity for Humanity Summit

At the annual Unity for Humanity summit we host an amazing group of changemakers and RT3D experts. Join us to hear their inspirational stories, learn about tools and strategies for success, and network with fellow impact creators.

Unity for Humanity Summit Highlights

Watch the full playlist
Transforming communities with RT3D programs

In this session you'll see how education institutions are using real-time 3D to drive positive social impact.

Changing the world with AR

Watch this session to hear how AR is transforming the way we interact with content – and learn how it can make a world of difference.

Level up! Creating a more sustainable gaming universe

Watch and listen as leaders discuss the future of green gaming content, operations, and partnerships.

Support. Awareness. Impact. Change.

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Unity for Humanity Grant FAQ

What type of projects are eligible to apply?

Projects eligible for the Unity for Humanity grants can be prototypes or projects in any stage of production.

We accept any project genre (game, XR, film, solution) created with any RT3D platform.

Grants cannot be awarded to individuals; please submit your application via a legal entity (studio, nonprofit, etc.).

What are the requirements of the grant?

All projects must be impact-driven, meaning that they have measurable impact goals and/or calls to action, and/or encompass themes of social, healthcare, education, humanitarian, or environmental issues. Projects must also align with at least one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Are there any content restrictions on eligible projects?

We will not accept projects that include or promote hate, violence, bullying, harassment, threats against individuals or groups of people, or illegal content. Our aim is to foster an inclusive, sustainable social impact creator ecosystem.

Does my project need a nonprofit or charity partnership to receive a grant?

We encourage projects to apply that are charitable in nature and/or affiliated with a nonprofit organization. If your project is not charitable in nature, we still encourage you to apply, and ask you to indicate this on your application in the field provided.

Are there any countries and territories prohibited from applying and why?

The countries and individuals the United States has introduced sanctions against are prohibited from applying. At present, this includes: the Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

What criteria do you use to select grant recipients?

Unity for Humanity Grant recipients are selected using the following criteria: 

  1. Vision (25%)  
  2. Inclusion (25%) 
  3. Impact (25%) 
  4. Viability (25%) 
What language must submissions be in?

All applications must be submitted in English. We work with creators with varying levels of English ability. Videos or trailers in a language other than English must have subtitles. The project itself does not need to be in English, however, there must be subtitles or translations provided (if applicable) so that the judges can properly review.

What materials are needed to apply?

Creators must fill out the Unity for Humanity Grant application. Applicants will be asked to provide a pitch deck in PDF format and a link to a video sample or trailer of the project. There are short essay questions on the application which ask the applicant to outline their motivation for creating the project.

What do we need to include in the Pitch Deck?
  • Information about the team and company
  • Key art from the project (in-progress work accepted)
  • Production budget with a plan for use of Unity funding, if received
  • Information on key stakeholders/partners
  • Production timeline, distribution timeline, and detailed distribution plan
  • An Impact Plan with the project’s impact goals and how they will be achieved
Who judges the submissions?

Unity employees and/or internal representatives from a variety of vertical teams across Unity will review projects along with Unity for Humanity program managers.

If the grant is in partnership with another organization, representatives from the organization will also serve as guest judges to select the grant recipients.

What do the selected projects receive?

We will make grant recommendations to Unity’s Charitable Fund, a fund of the Tides Foundation. In addition, Unity will provide 8 hours of technical support from the Unity Professional Services team (to be used within a one year period) as well as bespoke marketing and mentorship support.

I’ve submitted my application. What’s next?

No further action is required. You will receive a confirmation email and we will review all projects submitted. If we need additional information from a project we will reach out directly. Only Unity for Humanity Grant recipients will be notified. Thank you for submitting your application!

Who issues the Unity for Humanity Grants?

Unity partners with the Tides Foundation to set up the Donor Advisor Fund (DAF) for charitable purposes. If the project created by your team is selected, we will recommend your team as a potential grantee, subject to Tides’s review process for eligibility. This process can take anywhere from two to six weeks and is a secondary review process.

Do you give application deadline extensions?

No, unfortunately we are not able to grant extensions for applications.

Can I reapply with the same project?

Yes, you can reapply to Unity for Humanity, so long as your project meets the requirements, theme, and criteria. If a project has previously received a Unity for Humanity Grant, it is not eligible for additional funding, however, you are welcome to reapply with a new project.

What are Unity for Humanity’s guiding principles?

Empathy, respect, and opportunity: We celebrate and support creators with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Positive global change: We provide opportunities for creators to realize a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Uplifting community: We foster a social impact creator community grounded in inclusion to empower changemakers.

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