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Creators are changemakers, and Unity is their platform for making an impact. People around the globe are using Unity to tell stories or build tools that will have a positive and meaningful impact on society, their communities, and the planet. We founded Unity for Humanity to celebrate and support their journey to change lives and improve our world.

Unity for Humanity 교육 라이선스 지원

Unity for Humanity partners with impact-driven, real-time 3D projects to expand their capacity and inspire meaningful change. Through the grant program, creators can be awarded funding, mentorship, technical support, and marketing resources.

We’re collaborating with the United Nations Environment Program and Project Drawdown on a grant for environment and sustainability-focused RT3D projects. Apply between April 22–June 3.

Rare Impact Challenge

Unity 사회공헌은 Rare Impact와의 협업을 통해 정신 건강 관련 문제와 치료에 대해 알리고 이에 영향을 주는 기술의 잠재력을 보여줬습니다. 유니티는 특별히 의료 서비스 취약 지역을 중심으로 정신 건강과 웰빙 문제를 다루는 크리에이터를 지원하기 위해 Unity for Humanity Rare Impact Challenge를 만들었습니다. 이 공모전은 2021년 1월 15일에 마감되었으며 수상작은 2021년 5월에 발표됩니다.

프로그램 목표

Unity for Humanity 프로그램에는 세 가지 목표가 있습니다.

공감, 존중, 기회 증진: 유니티는 다양한 배경, 경험, 관점을 지닌 크리에이터를 인정하고 지원합니다.

영향력 확대: 유니티는 크리에이터가 더 지속 가능하고 더불어 사는 세상을 만들어갈 기회를 제공합니다.

커뮤니티: 포용적이고 지속 가능한 사회 공헌 크리에이터 커뮤니티를 구축하고 육성합니다.

Unity for Humanity Summit

The Unity for Humanity Summit is a free online event. The 2020 Summit showcased how creators around the globe are harnessing real-time 3D technology to power real-world change. Discussions and presentations helped social impact-driven creators to learn, connect, and celebrate their work, inspiring and empowering more people to create for change. 2021 details coming soon.

Unity for Humanity 프로젝트 제출 FAQ

어떤 종류의 프로젝트를 출품할 수 있나요?

Project(s) eligible for submission must be a prototype or a project in any stage of production. The Unity for Humanity grant accepts any project genre (game, XR, film, solution) created with any RT3D platform. 

All projects must be impact-driven, meaning that they have measurable impact goals and/or calls to action and/or encompass themes of social, healthcare, education, humanitarian and environmental issues. Our April 2021 grant is for environment and sustainability-themed projects, stories and solutions. Projects must also align with at least one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Please note that the Grant cannot be awarded to individuals. Please submit your application via a legal entity (e.g., a production company, studio, etc.).

The Unity for Humanity program supports real-time 3D content that is social impact-driven. We will not accept projects or content that include or promote hate, violence, bullying, harassment, threats against individuals or groups of people, or illegal content. Our aim is to foster an inclusive, sustainable social impact creator ecosystem.

Does my project need to be partnered with a non-profit or a charitable project in order to receive the grant?

We encourage projects to apply that are charitable in nature and/or affiliated with a non-profit organization. If your project is not charitable in nature, we still encourage you to apply, and ask you to indicate this on your application in the field provided.

Are there any countries and territories prohibited from applying and why?

The countries and individuals the United States has introduced sanctions against are prohibited from applying. At present, this includes: the CRIMEA REGION OF UKRAINE, CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN, and SYRIA.

What criteria do you use to select partner projects?

We select and collaborate on projects based on the following criteria:

  • Inclusion (30%): Does your project reflect a diverse range of experiences and actively consider underrepresented experiences? 
  • Impact (30%): Does your project have measurable impact goals and calls to action? Are these aligned with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Viability (20%): Does the team have a realistic plan of execution for the production and distribution of the project so that it can achieve the greatest impact?
  • Community Connection (20%): How is the team connected to the community they are addressing with their work?
  • Innovation (bonus!): Does the project feature a technical achievement in RT3D? Does it use Unity or a RT3D development platform in a unique way?

The criteria for each call for submissions may vary to reflect topical social issues and causes.  

For the grant opening April 2021, projects must fall under environment and sustainability-themed stories and/or solutions.

What languages are projects to be submitted in?

All projects must be submitted in English. We work with creators with varying levels of English ability.

What materials are needed to apply?

Creators must fill out the application form provided through the submission portal and upload a pitch deck in PDF format. You will be asked for a link to a video sample or trailer showcasing the project using the field provided on the application form.

Please make sure the pitch deck includes: 

  • Information about the team and company (with consent from each teammate)
  • Bio and headshots of the team
  • Key art from the project (in-progress work accepted, does not need to be final)
  • A production budget with a plan for use of Unity funding, if received
  • Information on any partners attached to the project including non profits or charitable organizations associated
  • A production timeline, distribution timeline, and detailed distribution plan
  • Community connection and motivation to your subject matter
  • Impact goals and charitable action attached to the project
Who judges the submissions?

Projects will be selected by Unity employees and/or representatives internally, including Unity for Humanity Program team members for the initial selection, employees from across teams and verticals, and a final committee of judges for the final decisions.

If the grant is in partnership with another organization, representatives from the organization will also serve as guest judges to select the potential grantees.

What do the selected projects receive?

Unity for Humanity will make grant recommendations from a pool of $350,000 to the Unity Charitable Fund, a fund sponsored by the Tides Foundation. In addition, Unity will provide technical support services to grant recipients.

I’ve submitted my in production work via the portal. What’s next?

No further action is required. You should have received a confirmation email indicating that the project has been received. We review all projects submitted, and applicants will be notified when the committee has made their selection. 2021 grant nominees will be notified by September 2021.

Only selected applicants will be notified, with additional documentation required to be complete, and there is no guaranteed volume of selections.

Thank you for submitting!

What do you mean grants will be issued from the Tides Foundation?

Unity partners with the Tides Foundation to set up the Donor Advisor Fund (DAF) for charitable purposes. If the project created by your team is selected, we will recommend your team as a potential grantee, subject to Tides’s review process for eligibility. This process can take anywhere from two to six weeks and is a secondary review process.

What time of day do grant applications open and close?

The date and time deadline are indicated in Pacific Standard Time. Please give yourself ample time to submit in case of issues within your submission process.

Do you give extensions to applicants after the application deadline passes?

No, unfortunately we are not able to give extensions for applications so that we can review and grant in a timely manner. The application window is open for approximately six weeks.

What does the UNEP and Project Drawdown collaboration collaboration mean for my project and application?

UNEP and Project Drawdown expand the subject matter expertise and mentorship opportunities provided through this grant. Representatives from each organization will help select winners and provide impact coaching to each winning grant project recipient to ensure they drive the largest impact possible.  

Please ensure your pitch deck includes all the info requested in the “What materials are needed to apply?” section.

I have previously applied to other Unity for Humanity grants and challenges. Can I reapply with the same project?

Yes, you can reapply to Unity for Humanity, so long as your project meets the requirements, theme and criteria.

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