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October 12, 2021 

9:00 am EDT

Unity Social Impact
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We utilize our talent, technology and grants to enable positive change in education, sustainability, and health to foster a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Unity for Humanity
Support. Impact. Awareness. Change.

Unity for Humanity is a Unity Social Impact program established to support creators using RT3D for social impact with funding, technical support, marketing, impact coaching and mentorship.

The Unity for Humanity Grant and Imagine Grant
Apply between October 11-December 3, 2021

The 2022 Unity for Humanity Grant and the Imagine Grant designed in partnership with Common to award the project that best Imagines A Better World are open for submissions.

The Changemakers Showcase

Discover social impact games, films, projects, and experiences created using Unity to tell inclusive stories and make a positive difference in education, sustainability and health.

Learn Unity
Develop skills to create games, VR, AR and more

Unity Learn features a variety of free tutorials, live courses, and guided pathways for mastering Unity. Students of accredited institutions can get started with the Student Plan.

Teach Unity
Prepare students for in-demand careers.

The Educator Plan provides you with free access to Unity Pro, cloud-based collaboration, assets, and more to help your students create immersive experiences and launch RT3D careers.

Conversations with Creators

Connect with social impact creators during the Unity for Humanity Summit to learn about their inspirational work, tips for future and fellow impact creators, and more.

Cat Ross
Conversations with Creators — 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET

Cat Ross is a researcher, creative technologist, performing artist, and a lead on District 64: Remnant Lands, an immersive VR experience on the impacts of oil drilling in Watts.

Christina Rosales
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Christina works at Texas Housers. As a native Tejana, Christina believes that communities impacted by injustice should be at the center of shaping housing policy and social change.

Damien McDuffie
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Damien is the founder of Black Terminus, an AR platform for Black Art and archiving Black culture inspired by Damien’s work as the archivist of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation.

Emilia Sanchez Chiquetti
Conversations with Creators — 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET

Emilia is passionate about creating immersive narratives. Her latest work, Origen, is an interactive, 360° documentary connecting the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains, and Argentine desert.

Gabriel Torres
Conversations with Creators — 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET

Gabriel is a multidisciplinary artist from Colombia and New York. Haus of Dust is based on his experience with substance abuse to support the Queer-Latinx community with education.

Idris Brewster
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Idris is Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Movers & Shakers NYC. Using immersive experiences, Idris works to disrupt traditional narratives, and empower others to do the same.

Luisa Dantas
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Brasilian-American filmmaker Luisa works at the intersection of storytelling, social justice, and cities, producing impact-driven multimedia content through her JoLu Productions.

Mehrad Noori
Conversations with Creators — 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET

Mehrad is an Emmy-nominated XR producer and the founder of AnythingEverything, an immersive content studio focused on designing experiences that push the boundaries of storytelling.

Joe Brewster
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Joe is a Harvard trained psychologist who uses his training in approaching the social issues he tackles as an artist and filmmaker with Rada Studio co-founder, Michèle Stephenson.

Michele Stephenson
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Michèle Stephenson pulls from her Panamanian and Haitian roots, and experience as a human rights attorney to tell compelling, personal stories in media that resonate beyond margins.

Yasmin Elayat
Conversations with Creators — 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

Yasmin is an Emmy-winning immersive director and co-founder of volumetric filmmaking pioneers, Scatter. Yasmin’s work pushes boundaries of narrative and participatory experiences.

Ondřej Moravec
Conversations with Creators — 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET

Ondřej is a filmmaker, journalist and writer. He works as a VR programmer at several film festivals in the Czech Republic. His interactive film Darkening is currently in production.

Rosemary Lokhorst
Conversations with Creators — 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET

Rosemary is a writer, tech entrepreneur and award-winning game producer. Her project Shadow’s Edge is a self-help game for young people with physical and mental health challenges.

Creator Features

Experience a few powerful social impact projects made using Unity by several of the Unity for Humanity Summit Speakers. Visit the Changemakers Showcase for more.

Melissa Painter | MAP Design Lab

Boost your mood, productivity, and wellbeing with 2-minute long, immersive, movement breaks. Attendees, enjoy 2 years of free access via the link below. Email for group license info.

By Ondřej Moravec

Darkening uses Ondřej’s experiences to focus the lens on depression. The animated VR film shows viewers dark images of the mind to teach the calming voice technique.

District 64: Remnant Lands
By Love Death Design

District 64 takes participants into the Watts neighborhood of South, L.A to recount the impacts of oil drilling on community health to demand racial and environmental justice.

Dot’s Home
Rise Home Stories

Dot’s Home is a narrative game that follows a Black woman living in her grandma’s home as she relives moments in her family’s history where race and home collide in tough choices.

Haus of Dust
Resources to support, educate, and destigmatize drug abuse

Haus of Dust is a multimedia campaign designed to support, educate, and connect Queer-Latinx community members with resources for sexual health, substance abuse,  and mental health.

How are you supposed to control your stress if you can’t see your moods?

Healium is a clinically-validated mental fitness channel that uses virtual and augmented reality to show you your feelings for the self-management of stress and anxiety.

Shadow's Edge
Little Chicken, StickyLock Studio and Good Soup Music

Shadow’s Edge is a free mobile game designed to help teens and young adults express themselves and build emotional resilience for mental health and anxiety reduction.

The Changing Same
Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster, and Yasmin Elayat

The Changing Same is a room-scale VR experience where participants travel through time to witness racial injustice in the US to examine the uninterrupted cycle of racial oppression.

By M2S

VROR Eye Dr uses a built in eye-tracking sensor to analyze biomarkers and detect and predict eye disorders to enable everyone to measure and manage eye health quickly and easily.

Attendee Giveaway

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