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The games market is more competitive than ever. You and your studio need the right tools and services to build your next hit game.

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Gamedevs and artists who work in enterprise studios have on average double the experience of indies and SMB. What will you create with all that experience?

Accelerate porting to mobile

Stay competitive and relevant by moving some of your IP from console or PC to the hot and growing mobile market. Unity streamlines the process with tools like Device Simulator and Profiling.

Be where your players are on any platform

Building in a walled garden of single-platform releases is yesterday’s story. Today’s gamers want to play whatever they want, wherever they are. Unity’s multiplatform reach is unparalleled.

Make any kind of game

Want to make a 2D, multiplayer, single-player, or VR game? Unity has what you need to succeed.

High-fidelity games bring in big dollars

Gamers want more than just pretty graphics. High frame rates, crash- and bug-free gameplay, and staying in flow matter more than visuals.

What’s new in Unity 2021 LTS

Unity 2021 LTS delivers powerful improvements to workflows, rendering capabilities, and supported platforms to help you realize your creative ambitions. The new enhancements prioritize quality, productivity, and performance for any platform, genre, or artistic style.

Learn how larger studios are succeeding with Unity
Subway Surfers

How Subway Surfers hit 3B

Just as SYBO has helped Unity refine its platform with extensive user experience data and innovative engineering, Unity has supported SYBO in building the iconic Subway Surfers. Discover how their 10-year partnership transformed two students’ dreams into a hit mobile game with over 3 billion downloads to date.

From customized animation and intuitive gameplay, to performance optimization while minimizing ad caching – all on an ambitious three-week content delivery schedule – find out how Subway Surfers became one of the most downloaded games in history.

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How Unity supports Coatsink

Coatsink has a long legacy with Unity, having developed and released 15 games over the last ten years and published many more. They recently launched Jurassic World: Aftermath for multiple platforms, including Oculus Quest 2. Coatsink has continually pushed creative boundaries, and Unity has helped them throughout that journey to ensure they are able to maintain a heavy production schedule while integrating state-of-the-art gameplay and graphics.

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Screenshot from Gameloft game

How Gameloft prototypes with Unity

Coming up with game ideas is easy, but being able to quickly prototype, evaluate, and move into production is no easy feat. Learn how Gameloft is using Unity to bring multiple game ideas to life, letting the best rise to the top for development, publishing, and marketing. Unity helps to take their ideas from concept to commercialization faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Fruit Ninja Teaser

How Halfbrick brings games to market

Bringing a mobile game to market is hard, but few studios know more about how to navigate that challenge than Halfbrick Studios. A decade after Fruit Ninja stormed touchscreen devices everywhere, Halfbrick Studios released Fruit Ninja 2. Learn about the tech behind Fruit Ninja 2, how Halfbrick updated the experience for today’s player, and why they chose Unity to bring their legendary IP to market.

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Unity for mobile

Unity is designed to create stunning, performant game experiences across all mobile devices. Build your game, find your audience, and grow your mobile game business.

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Unity Enterprise

Unity Enterprise is designed to provide teams with the perfect blend of powerful creation tools, enhanced support, training, and guidance.

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Discover how simple customization, platform support, extensibility, and a holistic approach to building games make Unity Enterprise the right tool for your team.

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