Growth Masters

Growth Masters is a series where we give a voice to the growth marketers relentlessly working behind the scenes in mobile apps to share their knowledge and advice.

Mastering mobile app monetization and user acquisition

Growth Masters shines a light on the community of mobile marketers who are tirelessly working to grow their apps. These interviews showcase their expertise, career paths, challenges faced along the way, and visions for the future.  Welcome to the community!

Masters of Monetization

Joe Dean

We sat down with Joe Dean, former Advertising and Monetization Manager, from Concrete Software, to learn how he got started in the monetization industry, what he loves most about his career, and some insightful advice for those just getting started.

CK Wang

Learn how CK and his team have taken their games to the next level with innovative monetization and user acquisition (UA) strategies and the tricks he wishes he knew when first entering the space.

Masters of User Acquisition

Jatin Mittal

We sat down with Mittal, the user acquisition team lead at TapNation, to discuss his professional journey, talk about privacy challenges, what drives successful UA campaigns and the challenges the future holds for the industry.

Ekaterina Zueva

Pushing titles like Rush Royale, Evolution 2 and World Above, way beyond the finish line, Ekaterina Zueva discusses her journey into mobile marketing and her perception of where the industry stands today.

Success Stories

Read these customer stories about how game publishers use Unity Ads solutions to achieve their campaign goals.

See how Trailmix went from soft launch to global success

Learn how the studio collaborated with Unity from early stages up to global release to refine their targeting, test creatives, and help them scale up their user acquisition.

Unity Ads delivers new players for GameJam

GameJam launches and monetizes dozens of hyper-casual games with help from Unity.

Learn why Uken went exclusively with Unity Ads

After going exclusive with Unity Ads, Uken experienced a 15% increase over its baseline in engagement (sessions) and a 7% lift in retention.

Space Ape triples its daily users with Unified Auction

Learn how an exclusive partnership with Unity tripled daily active users (DAU) for Fastlane: Road to Revenge.

The guide to mobile game monetization strategies. Get a step-by-step guide on how to grow your mobile game, keep your players engaged, and measure your success.

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