Unity Enterprise

For large teams creating at scale, Unity Enterprise delivers comprehensive technology, resources, and support that fuel innovation, reduce risk, and power your success.

Success comes standard

Technical support

We’ve got your back with expert help to quickly resolve technical issues, reduce risk, and keep your projects on track.

On-Demand Training

Learn when and where you want with access to three On-Demand Training subscriptions for every 20 Enterprise seats. Access over 200 hours of training content designed for professionals across all skill levels and industries to enhance your team's knowledge and productivity at their own pace.

Success management

Your assigned Customer Success Manager provides guidance, resources, and serves as an internal advocate to help you achieve the success you need. All Unity Enterprise subscribers can get in touch with their Success Manager via the Unity Success Hub. The Success Hub also provides regularly updated technical and creative resources.

Build Server license capacity

Includes Unity Build Server licensing solution for offloading project builds to hardware on your network to help you iterate more and develop higher-quality applications faster. Additional build capacity available for purchase.

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Why Unity

Incredible possibilities for all industries and applications

Unity is the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, offering what you need to create, operate and monetize amazing games and experiences across the widest range of platforms in the industry. Build once, deploy anywhere, captivate everyone.

Custom solutions

Enterprise plans unlock access to custom solution options that support your organization’s creative, technical and business goals. Together we can design a solution for you.

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Integrated Success Services

Enhance your Enterprise plan with deeper strategic guidance and services to keep your projects running smoothly and take your success to the next level.

Full control

Options for access to source code let you integrate your own features and realize your creative vision with ultimate mastery and efficiency.

Advanced licensing

Increase your license utilization ROI and ensure the right people have access to Unity at the right time with available options for shared licensing and additional build licensing capacity.

Beyond gaming

Unity’s real-time 3D development platform and solutions for industries can help your teams streamline workflows, improve productivity, and create world-class experiences.

Automotive, Transportation & Manufacturing

Integrate CAD data into your real-time 3D experiences to increase your productivity and competitive edge.

Film, Animation & Cinematics

Real-time filmmaking is taking the industry by storm, unleashing unprecedented artistic freedom and productivity.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Harness BIM data to create immersive experiences that lower costs, save time, and streamline workflows.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise?

Designed to help larger teams with ambitious goals be successful, Unity Enterprise delivers Unity Pro software licenses and benefits plus much more: technical support, learning benefits, additional build capacity, and an assigned Customer Success Manager.

Is there a revenue or funding limit for Unity Enterprise customers?


Is there a limit to how many Unity Enterprise seats I can purchase online?

While there is no maximum on the amount of Enterprise seats you can purchase, online transactions are subject to credit card transaction limits that prevent very large orders. Please contact Unity Sales if you are purchasing 150 seats or more, need invoiced billing, or wish to purchase custom solutions along with a Unity Enterprise subscription.

What is Unity Build Server, and how many extra build server licenses do I receive?

Unity Build Server is a licensing solution for offloading project builds to hardware on your network to help you iterate more and develop higher-quality applications faster. 10 Unity Build Server licenses are included with up to 40 Enterprise seats, and 5 additional Build Server licenses are included with every 20 additional Enterprise seats, up to 30 Build Server licenses. Additional Unity Build Server licenses are available for purchase.

Do I and/or my team own the content I/we create with Unity Enterprise?

Yes. You fully own the content you create with Unity, even if you cancel your subscription.

Can I upgrade to Unity Enterprise in the middle of a Unity Pro commitment term?

Yes, current Pro subscribers Enterprise amount can upgrade in the middle of a Pro subscription. Upgrades can be completed from your Unity ID. Please note a new annual commitment is required to upgrade to Enterprise.

Can I adjust the number of seats in an Unity Enterprise subscription?

Yes. Enterprise subscribers can increase or reduce the number of seats from your Unity ID; in the case of reducing seats, limitations apply.

I have other questions about Unity. Where can I find more info?
Does Unity charge royalties?

No, Unity is royalty-free. We don’t charge on a per-title basis or require revenue sharing.

Why is there a purchase minimum on the number of Unity Enterprise seats?

Unity Enterprise requires a minimum seat purchase because of the high-value technical support and learning benefits it includes for large teams. Please contact Unity Sales if you are interested in purchasing fewer seats than the published minimum amount.

Can I mix and match Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise seats together?

No. Mixing, or co-mingling, Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise is not permitted per the Unity Terms of Service. All seats for an entity must be of the same subscription plan.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew with the same commitment term and payment frequency as your original subscription, unless you change your renewal settings or plan option in your Unity ID before your next scheduled renewal date.

Can I cancel my subscription before the end of my commitment period?

There is no cancellation policy or reimbursement for a subscription. Once you commit to a subscription you are obligated to pay all monthly payments owing.

Can I downgrade to Unity Pro in the middle of a Unity Enterprise commitment term?

No. Downgrades during a commitment period not available. You can switch to a Pro subscription at the end of an Enterprise subscription term.

How can I purchase source code access or other custom solutions?

Please contact Unity sales.

Support & Learning Benefits FAQs

How do I get access to technical support and the learning benefits that are included with Unity Enterprise?

Your Customer Success Manager will introduce themselves by email after your purchase is complete to help you get started and take advantage of the technical support and learning benefits. All Enterprise subscribers can also get in touch with their Success Manager via the Unity Success Hub, which provides regularly updated technical and creative resources.

What does a Customer Success Manager do?

Your assigned Customer Success Manager will work with you to understand your goals, provide guidance, orchestrate resources, and serve as an internal advocate to help you achieve the success you need.

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