Starter Success

Get back your most coveted resource – time. Starter Success allows you to efficiently solve issues with assistance from Unity engineers, so you can get back to work on your projects.

Non-games customers should consider Unity Industry, which includes Starter Success. Learn more

The support you need to overcome technical blockers

A technical support package for small teams and individual creators, Starter Success gives you access to our ticketing system, exclusive on-demand learning materials, and fireside chats. Get assistance from Unity engineers to quickly and efficiently solve your issues and get back to work on your projects.

Matt Shores, CEO, Empty Clip Studios

“Unity’s Starter Success program has been instrumental in guiding us through rough waters on our porting projects. I cannot recommend this enough. If you find yourself running into issues that cause daily/weekly disruptions to your title’s schedule you would be remiss to not take advantage of this service.”

Matt Shores, CEO, Empty Clip Studios

Key benefits

Technical support

Submit and track technical support tickets with guaranteed first-response times, and get advice on resolving known issues to help keep your project on track.

Partner Advisor

Your Unity Partner Advisor is your first point of contact, helping to identify risks, advocate on your behalf, and source answers to your questions.

Guaranteed first response times

Get answers to your questions and resolve problems quickly with guaranteed first-response times, so you can get back to your project faster.

Fireside chats

Attend regularly scheduled chats with Unity experts, covering a wide range of topics, including new Unity features, optimization, and best practices advice.

On-Demand Training

Get access to one free On-Demand Training course as part of your Starter Success purchase. On-Demand Training provides a flexible online platform where you can develop your skills at your own pace.

No seat minimums or limits*

Starter Success is an annual subscription plan that can be purchased per seat, per year, with no minimum seat requirement, allowing you to evolve your support plan as your business grows.

Get the support you need

If your team needs a bigger boost, check out our other support plans. Essential Success and Integrated Success provide additional features like more bug handling, an annual project review, and a strategic partner for your project.

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I purchase Starter Success?

Once you’ve purchased Starter Success, your Unity Partner Advisor will set up your organization in Zendesk and then contact you to schedule an onboarding call.

How long is the subscription term for Starter Success?

It’s a one-year subscription, which you can pay either up-front or in monthly installments.

Can I cancel Starter Success whenever I want?

No. It’s a one-year contract. At the end of the year, you can choose whether to renew for another year.

Is there a minimum number of seats for Starter Success?

No, there is no minimum number of seats required to be able to get Starter Success. Please note, however, that there is a 1:1 match requirement; that is, you need to purchase a Starter Success license for every seat of Unity Pro that you have.

What if I need more than Starter Success provides?

Starter Success is meant for individuals and small creative teams. Larger organizations may want to consider Essential Success or Integrated Success, which are higher-tier support options that have additional features.

What does a typical ticket resolution involve?

It depends. While some tickets are very easy to resolve, others take extensive work by our internal engineering team to dig deep into the source code. These tickets can involve multiple back-and-forths between you and the support and engineering teams as we work to resolve them in the best way possible.

*Starter Success subscriptions must match the number of Unity Pro licenses. For example, if your team uses six Unity Pro licenses, you must purchase six Starter Success seats.

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