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Game Performance Monitoring (GPM) by GameBench

Ensure your players experience seamless gameplay while you focus on creating and testing fun new content and features with GPM’s suite of performance monitoring tools.

The right data at the right time

You need to optimize CPU, GPU, network traffic, battery and memory loads to achieve fluid animations, fast load times and stability. GPM gives you the right data exactly when you need it, so you can give your players a great experience.

Key benefits

No need for tradeoffs

Why decide whether to spend time testing performance or going deep on a new feature? GPM is always on the lookout for performance problems.

More time for features

Spend less time analyzing metrics and more time delivering fun to players. GPM will only alert you when there’s a definitive performance bug.

Shift performance left

Reduce firefighting, last-minute hotfixes and late releases by finding performance issues earlier in the cycle with GPM.

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Frequently asked questions

What is GameBench GPM and what does it do?

GameBench Game Performance Monitoring (GPM) helps you to ensure your mobile players experience seamless gameplay, allowing you to focus on creating and testing new content. GPM monitors frame rate, memory, battery drain, and more, then alerts you when there’s a problem.

What platforms are supported by the GameBench Unity Package?

The GameBench for Unity package supports the iOS 10.0+ and Android 5.0+ (armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a) platforms.

What versions of Unity does GameBench support?

GameBench supports the following: 
Unity versions: LTS 2018, LTS 2019 and LTS 2020.
Unity scripting backend: IL2CPP and Mono
Unity scripting runtime version: All stable .NET versions


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