Xbox Live Creators Program

Publish your games directly to Xbox One and Windows 10.

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About the Xbox Live Creators Program

The Xbox Live Creators Program allows you to publish your games to Xbox One and Windows 10 quickly and directly.The certification process is simple, and no concept approval is required. If your game integrates Xbox Live and follows standard Store policies, you are ready to publish!

Create a Dev Center account to get started!

What is the Creators Collection?

The Creators Collection is a new section of the Xbox One store that features the games of developers who used the Xbox Live Creators Program to build and ship their creations. Games from the Creators Program will also be published among other PC games in the Windows Store on Windows 10 PCs.

Creators Program benefits

Bring your games quickly and directly to customers

Submit your game to the Creators Program through a simplified certification process. There is no concept approval required outside of standard Store policies, so as a developer, you don’t need to jump through any extra hoops; bring your games directly to customers with no fuss.

Hundreds of millions of customers on Xbox One and Windows 10

Your title can gain incredible exposure on every Xbox Live-enabled device, including the entire Xbox One family, and Windows 10 PCs, including:

  • Over 55 million active Xbox Live users
  • Hundreds of millions of Windows 10 PCs
  • Millions using the Xbox app on mobile platforms
Grow your audience with Xbox Live

Integrate Xbox Live with minimal development time, and gain access to Xbox Live features that can organically grow your game’s audience, including Xbox Live presence, leaderboards, cloud saves, game hubs, clubs, party chat, game DVR, and more.

Tools, engines, and resources

Xbox One dev mode

Own a retail Xbox One console? All you need to do is download the Dev Mode Activation app to your console, and you’ll be able to deploy, design, and publish your game with the Creators Program.

Supported game engines and languages

Develop for the Xbox One and Windows 10 using your favorite game engine. Currently supported engines include Construct 2, GameMaker, MonoGame, Unity, and Xenko. You can also use your favorite tools, like Visual Studio, to write in C# and C++. We anticipate more game engines and tools to support the Xbox Live Creators Program over time.

Grow your audience with Xbox Live

Learn how to integrate Xbox Live into your game. The documentation can help you get started with Xbox Live development, regardless of whether you are a UWP or Xbox console developer. There are also guides for getting set up with game engines.

Creators Program compared to ID@Xbox

The Xbox Live Creators Program is a great way to publish your game to Xbox One and Windows 10 quickly, with a simplified certification process and no concept approval.

If you want access to even more Xbox Live capabilities, to be featured in the main Xbox One store, or to receive dedicated marketing and development support, you can apply to the ID@Xbox program.

Xbox Live Creators Program

Frequently asked questions

Does the Creators Program cost developers money to join?

To connect your game to Xbox Live and publish it on Xbox One and Windows 10, you will need a Microsoft Developer Account. Individual accounts cost approximately $19 USD, and company accounts cost approximately $99 USD (the exact amounts may vary depending on your country or region). This is a one-time registration fee and no renewal is required.

Can Creators Collection games have DLC and in-game purchases?

Yes, Creators Collection games can have DLC and in-game purchases if the developer so chooses.

Why are my games from the Creators Program being put into a separate area in the Store?

On Xbox One, which offers gamers a curated store experience, games published through Creators Program will be sold in the Creators Collection. This offers a balance between ensuring an open platform where anyone can develop and ship a game, and the curated store experience consoles gamers have come to know and expect. On Windows 10, Creators Program games will be sold among all other games in the standard Windows Store.

Why can’t I integrate multiplayer or Achievements?

Our commitment to providing a great multiplayer and Achievements experience on Xbox Live requires additional development and certification resources. Multiplayer and achievements aren’t supported for Creators Program games because that enables us to maintain that great experience. Developers that want access to the full set of Xbox Live features have the option to apply and enroll in the ID@Xbox program.

Can I publish a game through both ID@Xbox and the Creators Program?

Developers can publish games through both ID@Xbox and the Creators Program, on a title-by-title basis. However, they can’t publish the same game through both programs at the same time.

Can I transition my game from the Creators Program to ID@Xbox?

Yes, simply head to and apply. The ID@Xbox team will respond and explain the transition steps.

If a Creators Collection game becomes popular and successful, will it move to the standard Xbox store?

Games created through the Xbox Live Creators Program will be distributed in the Creators Collection section of the store. A game developer can apply to transition from the Xbox Live Creators Program to the ID@Xbox program, bringing their game from the Creators Collection to the rest of the store.

How do you prevent inappropriate games from being submitted through the Creators Program?

While we want to give developers more choice in how they bring their games to Xbox Live, we have enforcement procedures in place to ensure developers and their games adhere to our Store policies and Developer Code of Conduct.Inappropriate content will be flagged and reviewed through our certification system. The Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement team also conducts regular audits of the Store. On Xbox One, you can report inappropriate content on the game’s product page in the Store. And because these games are rated, all family and privacy settings that use game ratings will work as usual.

Are Creators Collection games rated?

Yes, all Creators Program games will need the free IARC ratings available in Windows Dev Center. Regions that aren’t part of the IARC will have the opportunity to acquire certification manually, and after proof of certification, can then be published in the Creators Collection.

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