Loady Dungeons: a casual puzzler sample

Learn more about building a live puzzle game with Unity Gaming Services in our sample project, Loady Dungeons.

  • Genre

    Casual puzzle game

  • Difficulty

    Beginner → Intermediate

  • Products

    Cloud Content Delivery, Addressable Assets 

Loady Dungeons sample screenshot 1

Go exploring in Loady Dungeons

Loady Dungeons is a simple puzzle game where you lead our hero, Dino, on a quest to discover all the dungeons in the world. This demo game is built to teach developers how to use Content Cloud Delivery and the Addressable Assets package in a production-ready environment. 

Learn about how UGS will work in your game with Loady Dungeons. 

Loady Dungeons screenshot 2

What's included?

Loady Dungeons is built with various UGS integrated to show devs how these products work in live games. 

  • Addressable Assets for a simple approach to managing asset bundles
  • Cloud Content Delivery allows you to quickly release game updates via the cloud 

The demo is publicly available on GitHub to clone, fork, or use it in your game – unleash your creativity however you see fit.

Loady Dungeons screenshot 3

What will you learn?

Loady Dungeons will help you learn how to effectively integrate our Cloud Content Delivery tool into your games. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create a Cloud Content Delivery workflow (uploading content, creating a bucket, managing releases for that bucket) to deliver your content dynamically to players
  • Integrate art assets, GameObjects, and scene files with the Addressables package to ensure that your content can be flexibly referenced, even from the Cloud



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Get the Loady Dungeons sample

Get started with Loady Dungeons today to learn the basics of operating a live game with Unity Gaming Services.

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