Player Engagement Solutions

Engage your players with personalized gameplay experiences.

Engage your players and grow your business

Unity’s Player Engagement Solutions make it possible to create personalized gameplay experiences at scale. Improve and evolve your games by combining deep analytics, powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and machine learning to nurture your players and increase their lifetime value (LTV). 

We partner with you throughout the entire game lifecycle, as an extension of your team, empowering you to achieve your business and game success goals.

Why Player Engagement Solutions?

Sophisticated player engagement tools for game-makers. Learn from data, respond to player behavior in real-time, and deliver content that makes a difference.

All you need to keep growing your live games, in one place.


Use powerful analytics tools to gain a deep understanding of game performance across all your key performance indicators (KPIs).


Ensure your live game continues to improve and deliver optimal results with  accessible machine learning (ML) and A/B testing.


Use multi-channel messaging and efficient content delivery to maximize player enjoyment and improve return on investment (ROI).



Understand your players with powerful analytics, out-of-the-box reporting and intuitive segmentation tools. With cross-platform and rich data-processing capabilities, deltaDNA enables you to better understand different player actions and respond accordingly.

Cloud Content Delivery (CCD)

Build and release game updates effortlessly with an end-to-end solution for content delivery in games. CCD provides you with simplified workstreams, powerful asset management and content delivery via the cloud.

Gregory Feuz, Head of Live Operations, Behaviour Interactive

"Being able to tailor our players' experiences based on their data thanks to deltaDNA’s engagement and analytics tools has significantly improved the performance of our mobile games. It is no doubt the best analytical tool I’ve worked with."

Gregory Feuz, Head of Live Operations, Behaviour Interactive
Sylvain Constantin, Senior Producer, Nvizzio Creations

“deltaDNA provides a suite of operational tools for segmentation and differentiating specific player experiences, allowing marketing teams to maximize the value per player."

Sylvain Constantin, Senior Producer, Nvizzio Creations
Sarah Frost, Business Operations Manager, Concrete Software

“Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery saved us months in development time, time that our engineers were able to spend on gameplay instead of the back-end.”

Sarah Frost, Business Operations Manager, Concrete Software
Ibs Rageh, Head of Technology, Nifty Games

“The underlying principle for Nifty is minimizing the number of client releases and submissions through first-party as much as possible. We have to juggle multiple releases and versions in parallel. Being able to drive that without the client, using CCD, is absolutely critical for live operations.”

Ibs Rageh, Head of Technology, Nifty Games

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