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Analytics and Player Engagement

Perfect your player experience with data-driven insights and dynamic content updates.

Getting started

Want to improve player experience? Here’s how.

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Step one

Get to know your players with in-depth analytics


Learn how your game is performing with intuitive dashboards and workflows that give you the insights you need regardless of your level of expertise:

  • Track the data most important for your game with custom audiences, events, and flexible reporting 
  • Create dynamic reporting and data visualizations, unique to your studio's needs 
  • Use Audiences to build personalized engagement using segmented cohorts in a meaningful way 
  • Take action with tailored content, dynamic gameplay updates, and optimized monetization strategies
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Step two

Quickly iterate after launch


Pushing updates after launch can take days to complete with the App Store review, delaying critical improvements. 

With Game Overrides and Remote Config, you can make changes to your live game, update remote features, and tailor experiences without forcing app updates or requiring code level changes.

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Step three

Release and optimize fresh game content


Players always want new content, and game events are one way of building in these experiences without permanently changing the foundations of your design. Releasing content using Cloud Content Delivery and Game Overrides allows you to launch themed assets for events that only last a limited period of time.

You can also use these tools to optimize your game experience based on location or device models and even test new content ideas for QA. If you use Unity’s Player Engagement suite with Analytics (beta), you can do this and more without ever disrupting your player’s journey.

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Step four

Manage your player journeys


Juggling different player stages and progression speeds can be tedious work, but it is critical to your game success. The most common player segments to consider are new players, churned players, and loyal players. 

If you combine the Unity Player Engagement Suite with our robust Analytics (beta), you’ll get a fully integrated toolset that includes push notifications, in-game messaging, A/B testing, and more. Targeted and personalized game experiences for your key player segments are simple to set up, launch, and monitor from our unified dashboard experience.

Expanding the possibilities of player engagement

Here are some examples of what you can do.

Get deep data to the surface

Understand your game performance with intuitive dashboards and workflows that give you the insights you need regardless of your level of expertise with data and analysis.

Roll out new features to your players

New game mechanics, features, and events may drastically impact your game design and player experience. Build confidence in the changes you’re making by progressively rolling out new updates to your game while keeping an eye on your KPIs and community feedback.

Run seasonal events

Players expect fresh and engaging experiences after launch – but it isn’t an easy job to continuously provide new content. 

Launch seasonal and promotional in game events to keep your players engaged and your game exciting. For example, you can run an event that unlocks limited edition skins, enables a new game mode, or even reduces the price of a special item to promote new activity.

Balance your game economy

Frequent changes are often required before getting your game just right. Adjust your game economy after launch and get that sustainable balance with Economy.

Test and analyze changes to your game design

Test different versions of your game and iterate them on the fly. Measure the impact of the changes you make on key metrics like your retention and revenue.

Reduce ad frequency for spenders

Protect your player experience and build revenue. Adjust ad frequency, cooldown times, and rewards, and make changes that can be granularly tested and optimized for different player groups.

Explore our solutions

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Understand your players
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Offer dynamic gaming experiences
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Get on top of content management


A closer look at Analytics and Player Engagement

In this blog, we take a deeper dive into the tools included in Player Engagement and Analytics solutions, and how you can leverage them for your games.

Unity Gaming Services bootcamps

Want to get started with Cloud Content Delivery, Remote Config, or Analytics (beta)? Check out the Unity Gaming Services bootcamp videos to learn the basics.

Unity Gaming Report 2022

Discover new data-driven learnings that you can use to fuel your game's success in this year's Unity Gaming Report.


Review the manual to help you get up and running with Player Engagement and Analytics solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is Analytics and Player Engagement?

Unity Gaming Services is an end-to-end platform that is designed to help you build, operate, and grow your game. 

Analytics (beta) allows studios to understand performance and player behaviors through predefined dashboards, Data Explorer, and more. 

Player Engagement is a suite of tools that allows you to grow your audience with real-time and contextualized content for your players. These tools include Game Overrides, A/B Testing, Push Notifications (beta), and more.

On the backend, Remote Config allows you to deliver game updates in real time with no code changes. Cloud Content Delivery combines powerful asset management, cloud storage, and a reliable delivery network.

How do I sign up for the Unity Gaming Services beta products?

You can get started today for free! Click here to get started and download the beta packages.

What is the price for the Unity Gaming Services beta products?

Unity Gaming Services products are completely free to use while in beta. You can click here to see the pricing for when the products leave beta. You won’t be required to provide credit card information until then.

Do Analytics and Player Engagement tools need to be used together?

Our products within Unity Gaming Services were built to be modular, meaning they can be used independently, but are generally more powerful when used together. For example, you can build audiences within Analytics (beta), then target them for A/B tests or Game Overrides campaigns.

Can Analytics and Player Engagement solutions only be used with the Unity engine?

Currently, all Unity Gaming Services beta products, including Analytics, can only be used with the Unity engine. 

Cloud Diagnostics can only be used with the Unity engine. 

Cloud Content Delivery and Remote Config can be configured to work with any engine.


What platforms are supported?

Unity Gaming Services, open to all developers for free during its beta period, is available immediately with support for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows - and all other platforms that can be built with Unity. Console support is currently on an invite-only basis, but will be made available soon. 

Cloud Content Delivery currently supports live updates of asset bundles for applications running on mobile and PC. Console support is not available at this time.

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