Unity Gaming Services solves the developer challenges of building live games with tools for multiplayer solutions, game operations, user acquisition, and monetization.

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Unity Gaming Services Multiplayer
Build your foundation
Services to build your game and iterate as you grow.

Build your online backend, host game servers, and connect players in-game.

Enable players to sign in across platforms and save progress across devices.

Configure and manage
Lay the foundations for seamless live game management.

Unity Gaming Services Analytics
Engage your players
Understand your players and deliver engaging experiences

Analytics solutions
End-to-end data and analysis solutions, designed to support your entire studio.

Player engagement
Test and update gameplay without app updates or client code changes.

Community solutions
Let players connect and compete with scalable solutions.

Monitor performance
Identify and resolve errors impacting your game's stability.

Unity Gaming Services Monetization
Grow your mobile game & acquire new players
Monetization and growth

Drive revenue with in-game ads

Increase ad demand and drive more revenue from your game

Find the right users to grow your audience

In-app Purchases
Connect in-game stores across platforms

Use cases and documentation

Explore the different ways you can use Unity Gaming Services (UGS) to solve common game development challenges.

Explore all use cases UGS documentation
Battle passes
Addressables | Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Game Overrides | Remote Config

Engage players with fresh content and seasonal rewards using free and premium progression tracks.

Virtual shops
Addressables | Analytics | Authentication | Economy | Remote Config

Set up a shop in your game to get your in-game economy up and running.

Daily rewards
Addressables | Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Remote Config

Reward players who return to your game every day with a calendar of in-game items that increase in value over time.

A/B test level difficulty
Analytics | Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Game Overrides | Remote Config

Make data-informed decisions and run experiments on player segments. Identify which variables have an impact on monetization, retention, and other key metrics.

Loot boxes
Cloud Code | Economy

Randomize rewards tailored to your game’s genre, theme, and virtual economy.

Idle clicker
Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy

Simulate real-time activities when your players are away from the game while limiting calls to UGS. This use case is foundational for idle games like farm and city-builders.

Seasonal events
Addressables | Analytics | Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Game Overrides | Remote Config

Keep your players happy with in-game events that add content, rewards, or just give your game a new look for the season.

Rewarded ads
Authentication | Cloud Code | Cloud Save | Economy | Unity Mediation

Give players the option to watch ads in exchange for in-game rewards like currency, consumables,  or experience multipliers.

Case studies

Unity Gaming Services is built for games and powers some of the biggest experiences in the world.

Among Us
Game server hosting (Multiplay), Analytics

From multiplayer infrastructure to player insights, learn how InnerSloth used UGS to build and manage the most popular mobile game in the world.

Voice and Text chat (Vivox)

After proven performance in League of Legends, Riot leveraged Voice and Text chat (Vivox) to give VALORANT players a strong voice.

Uken Games
Unity Ads

Games like Jeopardy! World Tour, Kings of Pool, and Bingo Pop have thrilled millions of players, and Uken Games used Unity Ads to translate that to business success.

Solving developer challenges of building live games with a single, modular platform.

Work the way you want

Integrate with the tools you’re already using, Unity, Unreal, or any other engine or service, and choose what you need to complete your stack.

Scale your game with AAA-proven services

Services relied on by the largest games and studios, built to scale the power of all developers.

Understand your game and engage players

Insights, data, and tools to help you efficiently refine your game experience, retain players, and grow your game.

Accelerate multiplayer development

Connect players at scale with services that make multi-platform and cross-platform game development attainable for teams of all sizes.

Build your game backend

Focus on the business logic of your game, and take advantage of our expertise to manage backend infrastructure.

Grow your game into a business

Integrated solutions for advertising and in-app purchases make it easy to monetize and sustain your game.

Trusted globally by studios of all sizes

Ready to build your live game?

Develop and launch for free. Get started now and only pay as your game grows.

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