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Highly customizable rendering technology
Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) lets you tailor the rendering process to your target platform so you can optimize performance for specific hardware.
Learn how to configure a Unity project for VR.
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Maximize rendering performance in Unity 6

Discover Unity 6 advancements in rendering, lighting, and VFX technologies, including artist tooling for materials and shaders, plus scaling illumination across platforms.

Unique visuals, performant anywhere
Maximize performance across platforms

Create, customize, and scale graphics that perform everywhere from mobile, PC, consoles, and VR with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Harold Halibut, Slow Bros
Harold Halibut, Slow Bros
Deliver rich, high-end graphics

Produce highly customizable high-fidelity visuals optimized for PCs and consoles with High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

Unity 6 graphics features

Unity 6 delivers significant performance enhancements to speed up production across platforms, as well as enhancements that elevate your scenes with scalable, captivating visuals using the latest advances in rendering, lighting, and VFX.

Lower memory bandwidth and battery usage for URP-based titles


Upscale low resolution frames without loss of fidelity


Optimization for up to 50% CPU frame-time reduction


Reduce overdraw and avoid wasting resources


Improve GPU performance in VR by concentrating quality where the focus is


Faster iteration for light-probe based indirect diffuse lighting


Apply a dynamic time of day lighting scenario to virtual environments


Utilize GPU processing power to accelerate baking of lightmaps and probes


Unleash photorealistic lighting capabilities

Create faster and reach more platforms with Unity 6
Create faster and reach more platforms

Unity 6 is all about giving you fast and easy creation to meet your vision. It also enables you to share that creation with the widest audience across the broadest range of platforms and devices.