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World Golf Tour generates 149% more revenue through recent Tapjoy currency sale
Jul 10, 2021
case study-world golf

In 2006, Chad Nelson and YuChiang Cheng had a goal: create a golf simulation game using real-life courses, high-quality visuals, and free online gameplay. The result was the 2008 release of World Golf Tour, a free online computer game that has now expanded to mobile. World Golf Tour, which was acquired by Topgolf Entertainment Group in 2016, now boasts more than 25 million players and three dimensional, photorealistic recreations of well-known championship golf courses throughout North America and Europe.

In 2019, WGT implemented the Tapjoy Offerwall to maximize its ad monetization revenue. Once implemented, the team was interested in exploring even more ways to drive revenue beyond just IAP. With this objective in mind, Tapjoy recommended participation in our seasonal currency sales to bump revenue.

Here Is How Currency Sales Work:

For a limited time period, participating developers can promote Offerwall engagement by appending a multiplier to the in-app exchange rate in their Offerwall. In this case, WGT chose to multiply rewards by 2x for a brief period to incentivize users to complete extra offers.

Publishers can run currency sales at any time, but they also have the option to opt into any of Tapjoy’s scheduled seasonal currency sales throughout the year – generally around major US holiday weekends. For Advertisers, the influx of users into Offerwalls around currency sales is an opportunity to reach new users and scale marketing efforts. To capitalize on the opportunity, Advertiser campaign budgets are increased and/or bids are raised to be more competitive. The increased Offerwall engagement and demand strength are a perfect match. When used strategically, currency sales have been proven to generate an average lift of 20-80% in revenue and increase engagement beyond the sale period.

The Results

Since implementing the Tapjoy Offerwall on iOS and Android in June 2019, WGT has participated in 7 currency sales. While the World Golf Tour offerwall was already performing well, currency sales led to an average 70% increase in revenue when comparing non-sale periods to average sale periods. Most recently, a Thanksgiving/Black Friday currency sale saw the iOS offerwall significantly outperform the prior weekend by over 296%.

The results are clear: currency sales are an effective way for publishers to boost revenue without negatively affecting the game’s virtual economy.

“Tapjoy’s platform and Account Management team makes it easy for us to run a currency sale anytime we want. Currency sales not only see increased in-app user activity, but they also lead to a sizeable increase in revenue. These currency sales have become a vital part of our monetization strategy.”

- Richard Fishman, Director of Product Management, Topgolf