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Unity 2022 LTS
Rely on Unity 2022 LTS to create ambitious DOTS-powered games, multiplayer experiences, immersive HD environments, and performant visuals for any platform.
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Unity 2022 LTS

Fuel your ambitions

Unity 2022 LTS delivers new features and workflow enhancements to help you take your real-time 3D projects to the next level.

Depend on the most stable Unity release

Built through years of feedback and user testing, Unity 2022 LTS delivers stable new features and enhancements so you can create with confidence.

You’ll find improved iteration through a multiprocess AssetBundle pipeline, a more streamlined Package Manager, and faster compilation with a Burst compiler-optimized engine.

This production-ready release was shaped by tens of thousands of users and will continue to be supported with biweekly fixes for two years without additional features or API changes.

LTS for Programmers
Build more ambitious games with DOTS

With Entity Component System (ECS) integration, the Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) is now fully supported for all experienced creators in the Unity Editor, and includes the ability to integrate Entity-based development with GameObject-based code.

ECS for Unity expands the Unity game engine’s capabilities to deliver greater control and determinism over data in memory and runtime process scheduling, enabling the creation of complex gameplay in dynamic environments. ECS runs alongside and integrates with GameObject-based assets,so you can rely on your existing Unity skills while harnessing greater performance.

ECS for Unity
Deliver a seamless multiplayer experience

Launch and grow your multiplayer games with the support of a rapidly growing end-to-end ecosystem of creation workflows and cloud services through the Unity game engine and Unity Gaming Services.

Unity’s netcode packages offer you the choice between simplicity (with casual co-op games), or more complex scenarios (such as competitive action multiplayer games) built on ECS for Unity with scalability and performance in mind. Leverage services like Relay, Lobby, Game Server Hosting, Matchmaker, and Voice and Text Chat to build, run, and grow live games and deliver immersive player experiences.

Create high-definition natural environments

Immerse your players in beautiful, physically based environments with High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

Add oceans, rivers, and underwater effects with the new Water System, and create advanced procedural fog and volumetric effects withVolumetric Materials and Shader Graph. Create even more realistic skies with improved Cloud Layers dynamic lighting, and blend between different weather conditions using Volumetric Clouds.

Populate your world with the new Spline package, which offers you the ability to procedurally generate paths, roads, or fences in your environments with greater precision.

2022 LTS URP
Enhance lighting and visuals for any device

Upgrades to the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) provide more realistic lighting and a focus on higher-quality visuals that scale across devices.

Achieve nuanced real-time lighting withForward+ Rendering, which enables you to use more lights in a scene. Produce smoother graphic transitions with LOD crossfade, and reduce aliasing problems such as pixelated and flickering edges with Temporal anti-aliasing (TAA).

Add extra texture details in your scenes with control using Decal Layers, and customize your rendering experience with Shader Graph Full Screen Master Node. Significantly improve build time and memory optimization with Shader Variant Prefiltering, and easily upgrade your existing projects from the Built-in Render Pipeline to URP with Built-in Converter.

2022 LTS VR
Maximize platform potential and iteration speed

Optimize your games for the latest platforms, including incremental build for consoles, enhanced performance with DirectX 12, and new platform support for PlayStation®VR2. Increase performance and stability with DirectX 12 graphics API on Windows and Xbox®, and experiment with the latest ray tracing support for Xbox Series X|S.

Iterate rapidly and deploy more efficiently on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 5, and Nintendo Switch™ using the latest incremental player build process. Better manage WebGL memory usage and gain native C++ multithreading along with support for touch controls and texture compression on web builds for mobile devices.

Expand your XR reach with updated tools to build faster on PlayStation®VR2 and Meta Quest 2.

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

What’s new in 2022 LTS
Rely on enhanced productivity

Quickly add intelligence to your 3D characters without code using AI Navigation, and access optimized performance and enhanced memory for 2D development. Speed up your workflow with the Prefab system for improved behavior with GameObjects.

Personalize your Editor

Customize an efficient Editor setup with more flexible layouts and advanced styling options in UI Toolkit. Generate default inspectors to use Property Drawers without writing custom inspectors, and author splines, graphs, and more with custom control using Vector Drawing API.

Streamline XR creation

Expand your XR reach across the latest supported platforms like PlayStation®VR2, Meta Quest Pro, and Magic Leap 2. Build faster with updated tools like XR Interaction Toolkit and AR Foundation 5.1.

Build powerful visual effects

Create high-fidelity smoke, dust, and explosions with 6-way lighting, and improve CPU performance with VFX Graph Instancing to reuse effects. Handle effects with greater flexibility with Boolean ports, and access better workflows with Timeline integration.

More features and workflows
LTS for Artists
Unity 2022 LTS for artists

Spend more time doing and less time queuing. Engage players from the very first pixels. Discover the latest release features to help you optimize your creative workflow.

LTS for Programmers
Unity 2022 LTS for programmers

Unity 2022 LTS comes loaded with updates and iteration speedups that will empower you to optimize your games while making better use of your coding time.

2023 Roadmap for games
Unity 2023 Roadmap

Learn what’s new in Unity’s 2022 LTS and 2023 Tech Stream releases.

Unity LTS resources

View the user manual and learn what’s changed in the Unity Editor.

Upgrade guides

We prepared a series of upgrade guides to help you transition to Unity 2022 LTS.

Support and Services

For complex productions with a high number of dependencies, find out how Unity Support and Services can help make the upgrade process easier.

2022 LTS
Download Unity 2022 LTS

Get Unity 2022 LTS from the Unity Hub. If you’re a new professional user, start by getting a Unity Pro license from your team or the Unity Store.

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