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Build the foundation for your live game
Products and services to build your live game and iterate as you grow. Connect players at scale across multiple platforms and use our proven solutions to manage your back end infrastructure.
Our multiplayer teams at Unity are gathering in July and August to provide an overview of the latest Unity 6 multiplayer features as well as LiveOps.
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Ready-to-scale hosting for games of all sizes

For multiplayer connectivity, Unity Gaming Services features netcode, dedicated game servers, and P2P hosting options that work for projects of any size.

Backend infrastructure that saves you resources

When building and managing a live game, studios leverage Unity Gaming Services backend tools to tackle challenges with data management, player authentication, and content updates.

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Cloud-based game content and code updates

Release game updates with powerful asset management, run your game logic, and build better game data storage - all via the cloud.

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Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

We help you deliver resilience and the ability to scale your gaming infrastructure so you can focus on gameplay, accelerating speed to market, and providing the best experience to your players.

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Match players at the right time to best drive great player experiences and engagement - works right out-of-the-box with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).

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Netcode solutions

Explore Unity’s networking libraries, built to support a range of genres, from casual co-op to competitive action games. Dependable, customizable, and extensible to meet the needs of your next multiplayer project.

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Cost-effectively build a multiplayer game without having to figure out and invest in a dedicated game server hosting. Comes with Netcode for GameObjects, which makes it simpler for you to build small-scale co-ops.

Multiplayer mobile game session

Connect your players before or during a game session. Players can create public or private lobbies using simple game attributes which other players can then search, discover, and join.

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Voice Chat (Vivox)

Leverage 2D channels for teammates to communicate, or make truly immersive worlds with 3D positional channels that factor in player position and orientation.

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Text Chat (Vivox)

Whether playing with a team or taking on a multiplayer adventure, Text Chat (Vivox) lets your player coordinate in group chats or direct messages for a great game experience.

Optimize player experience
Cloud Save

Flexible and easy-to-use, Cloud Save allows you to track and store player data like progression, abilities, and statistics to the cloud.

Use Lobby and Matchmaker with Authentication

Authenticate your players for a seamless user experience with either anonymous or platform-specific sign-in solutions.

Configure and Manage
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Cloud Content Delivery

Build and release game updates with powerful asset management and content delivery via the cloud. Three services in one: a content delivery network (CDN), cloud storage, and asset manager.

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Remote Config

Update your live game content remotely and in real-time. Launch new features, test functionality, or make general modifications without requiring app updates or code changes.

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Cloud Code

Change game logic whenever you want without releasing a new version of your game with easy-to-use serverless functions. Write and run your game logic away from the client.

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Everything you need to design and plan your game economy. Tune and scale to build a better game for your players and grow in-game revenue.

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Start building the foundation for your live game

Everything you need to build a reliable foundation for your live game. Get started now, for free, and only pay as your game grows.