Unity Platform Roadmap

Get insights into our future plans for features and functionality in the Unity platform and let us know what you think.

Explore the roadmap details and share your feedback directly to the Product team

The feedback our community provides is priceless, and we want you to come on this journey with us. This is why we are exposing in greater details our plans in the following sections, giving you the opportunity to react and engage directly with the various teams building and evolving Unity for your present and future needs.


Learn about our plans for the 2D feature-set covering 2D foundations, world-building, animation, graphics and physics.

3D Characters and Animation

Learn more about our focus on 3D characters and the animation toolset.

3D World Building

This space focuses on the various tools & workflows to build amazing 3D levels and environments right in Unity.


Learn more about the tools we're building to help you create great AR/VR experiences.


Learn more about our plans for audio/video workflows and our evolving Media Framework.


Learn more about how Unity is evolving its core with DOTS to enable better performance, scale, and complexity in your projects.


Learn more about our efforts to provide an efficient, adaptable and extensible editor experience.


Learn about about the tools we are building for software engineers.

Gameplay & UI Design

Learn more about the tools involved in designing interactive experiences: UI, visual scripting, input management, timeline.

Multiplayer Networking

Learn more about the tools we're building to help you create great multiplayer gaming experiences.

Navigation & Game AI

Learn more about our plans for evolving navigation and gameplay ai to help creators bring life to their interactive experiences.

Pipeline & Integrations

Learn more about the asset import and build pipeline and integrations with third party application.


Learn more about the wide range of platforms that Unity enables you to reach with your content. From high end desktop to the latest consoles, Unity has you covered.

Rendering & Visual Effects

Learn more about our upcoming graphics features and keep up to date with our recent releases. Indicate your priorities, provide feedback and share your ideas with us.

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