Unity Forma FAQs

General Questions

What is Unity Forma?

Unity Forma empowers marketing professionals to produce interactive 3D product configurators and digital media from 3D product data in record time and without any coding skills. It unlocks major efficiencies in marketing content production, enabling teams to rapidly import 3D product data, visualize models and all their variants in real-time 3D, bring their vision to life with creative tools, and publish to multiple channels.

What do I need to get started?

You need to purchase an annual subscription to Unity Forma. In addition, you need a subscription to Unity Industry or Unity Pro and Pixyz Plugin to use Unity Forma.

How can I talk to someone to learn more and/or try or buy the product?

Fill out this form and a Unity sales representative will reach out to you.

Do I need to know how to use Unity to use Unity Forma?

No. Unity Forma is an extension of Unity but it does not require any coding skills to use. For information on getting started with Unity Forma, check out these resources.

Does Unity Forma help me as a developer?

Yes. Unity Forma is the first product to make use of the Unity Editor’s Mode capabilities, so it’s easy to toggle between Forma (codeless) mode and the standard Unity Editor. Unity Forma also makes it easier to complete tasks that developers working on real-time 3D marketing experiences commonly perform, such as importing 3D product data, staging a product in a scene, and publishing to various channels. It makes it much easier for developers to create configurable marketing content.

Does Unity Forma include the Unity Editor?

No, Unity Forma is a toolkit and requires a separate subscription. For full functionality of Unity Forma, the Unity Industrial Collection is recommended, but Unity Pro and Pixyz Plugin will work as well.

How much does Unity Forma cost?

Unity Forma is US$4,980 for an annual subscription. Floating and per-brand licenses are also available.

What are the applicable terms for using Unity Forma?

Your use of Unity Forma is subject to Additional Terms (the “Unity Forma Terms”), which supplement and are incorporated into the Unity Terms of Service.

How do I enter the Unity Forma Challenge?

Visit this page to learn more about our contest and your chance to win a Volkswagen ID.4 EV.

Product Questions

What version of Unity is required to use Unity Forma?

Unity Forma requires Unity 2020.2 to run.

What data formats does Unity Forma support?

You can import the following formats into Unity Forma:

  • Unity Prefab – A reusable, fully prepared asset from a previous Unity project.
  • FBX – FBX files from 3D modeling applications like Blender and Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, or exported from other software products.
  • Structured data – Unity Forma can be extended to automatically import structured datasets, including geometry, materials, and variant definitions. It ships with a CSV importer, which can be customized to automate the import process and condense it in a matter of seconds.

Because Unity Forma runs on top of the Unity Industrial Collection, which includes Pixyz Plugin, Unity Forma also supports all of the 35+ formats that Pixyz supports. Learn more about the import process in this blog post.

Can I bring standardized data sets into Unity Forma?

Unity Forma customers with well-organized datasets can implement a completely automated import process that brings in all product data – geometry, materials, and variant definitions – instantly. Unity Forma’s CSV importer provides the foundation to create an adapter for standardized data sets that need to be imported. To get started with adapters, we recommend working with Unity’s Professional Services team so that you can exactly meet the needs of your standardized data format. Creating and managing your own adapter is also an option.

What types of outputs can be generated from Unity Forma?

Unity Forma currently supports exporting projects as runtime builds and addressable assets. We are working on functionalities to support other outputs, such as direct output to gITF, USD, and USDZ.

Can multiple people work on the same project?

Yes. Unity Forma works with any version control tool, but we recommend using Plastic SCM.

Are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences supported?

AR and VR publishing is possible, but at this time it must be executed in Unity Pro mode. Official AR and VR support within Unity Forma are planned for 2021. Today, Unity Forma supports mobile (iOS and Android), WebGL, and web browser-based cloud streaming using our streaming service, Furioos

Where can I find more information on how to use Unity Forma?

You can refer to the Unity Forma documentation for more information.

How can I get technical support?

If you run into any issues, please reach out to forma-support@unity3d.com.

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