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Sign up today for our beta exam – only $79. Test your Unity programming skills, provide feedback, and save $180. Available from August 11 to September 19, 2021.

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Get early access to a new Unity certification exam

We’re updating the Unity Certified Professional: Programmer exam. Sign up now to take the new exam at the drastically reduced price of $79 (retail price $259). This beta exam lets us see how candidates respond to and perform on test questions. You will also be able to provide feedback on individual questions. 

If you obtain a passing score, you will be awarded the Unity Certified Professional: Programmer certification. Following the beta period, we will fine-tune the test questions and select the best ones to include on the final certification exam. We will also calibrate and determine score bands.

Exam scoring and Certification award

Your score will be available approximately 90 days after the beta period ends, once the team has calibrated and determined passing scores. If you pass, you will be awarded your certification and given access to the digital badge and certificate.

What’s on the beta exam?

Some of the exam topics have not changed, but there is one section that is completely new. Exam questions will be Unity version agnostic as much as possible. Topics represent core skills that a Unity programmer needs to succeed in a professional role in any industry. 

Programming core interactions

  • Understand the functionality of MonoBehaviours and ScriptableObjects, and the scenarios that they work best in
  • Implement and configure different methods of inputs as controls in various scenarios
  • Understand how to configure Physics in Unity and the implications of using Rigidbodies, Colliders, and Constraints in different scenarios
  • Understand the functions of cameras in Unity and how they operate within a scene

Working in the art pipeline

  • Understand materials, textures, and shaders, and write scripts that interact with Unity’s rendering API
  • Understand how lighting functions in Unity and write scripts that interact with Unity’s lighting API
  • Understand 2D and 3D animation, and write scripts that interact with Unity’s animation API
  • Understand the impact of art assets on memory usage and performance
  • [NEW] Understand the implications of using different render pipelines on various scenarios

Developing application systems

  • Interpret and analyze scripts for application interface flow such as menu systems, UI navigation, and application settings
  • Interpret scripts that allow for user-controlled customization and in-app purchases through storefronts such as configurators
  • Analyze and interpret scripts for saving and retrieving application and user data
  • Understand how scripts can be used for working with audio and art assets

Optimizing for performance and platforms

  • Evaluate errors and performance issues using tools such as the Unity Profiler
  • Identify optimizations to address requirements for specific build platforms and/or hardware configurations
  • Identify methods for implementing GameObject instantiation, destruction, and management
  • Understand how Unity’s canvas-based UI system works and how to create a performant UI layout

Engaging in professional software development teams

  • Recognize concepts associated with the uses and impacts of version control
  • Demonstrate knowledge of developer testing and its impact on the software development process
  • Recognize techniques for structuring scripts for modularity, readability, and reusability
  • Understand best practices for working on large projects alongside programmers, artists, designers, and other stakeholders

[NEW] Common C# programming constructs

  • Understand common C# programming constructs and data structures
  • Analyze and interpret examples of asynchronous code
  • Understand how delegates, callback systems, and UnityActions are used in code

Who can take the beta exam?

You can participate in the beta if all the following items describe your experience: 

  • 2–4 years of practical experience in game or 3D interactive programming using Unity
  • 2+ years of practical experience in computer programming, including C#
  • Experience in the full software development lifecycle, from concept through completion
  • Understanding of professional applications for software development with Unity, including game development, interactive entertainment, and design visualization
  • Basic understanding of the visual/3D asset and animation pipeline in Unity
  • Understanding of professional team software development practices, including unit testing and version control
  • Knowledge of Unity Services for collaboration, monetization, and live operations
  • Understanding of mathematics critical to 3D interactive development, including linear algebra and matrix operations

You should NOT participate in the beta if you:

  • Have 5+ years experience using Unity
  • Are a senior-level Unity programmer

Participation of senior candidates would invalidate our statistical analysis. If you meet this criteria, consider taking the Unity Certified Expert: Programmer certification to prove you are among the elite group of Unity experts.

Preparing for the exam

The exam is designed for a Unity programmer with 2–4 years of professional work experience. As this is a new exam, there is no new prep material yet. If you are truly a Unity professional who is accustomed to performing the tasks listed on the exam topics on a regular basis, have completed multiple projects using Unity, and are accustomed to problem-solving on these topics, you should be ready for the test. 

As many of the exam topics are similar to the existing Professional Programmer certification, the current prep course may help you brush up where you have knowledge gaps. You can also check out the 300+ free tutorials on Unity Learn that cover C# programming skills.

Schedule your certification

Take the beta exam using a PearsonVUE remote proctor or at an authorized test center (if available in your area). 

To take advantage of the reduced price of only $79, register on the PearsonVUE Unity page:

  • Returning users, simply sign in. 
  • If you are new to the site, select Create Account and follow the prompts. 
  • Click View Exams. 
  • In the Unity Exam Catalog, select Unity Certified Professional: Programmer – Beta, then complete the registration process. 

Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are on the beta exam?

There are 60 questions on the exam.

How long is the test?

You have 105 minutes to complete the exam.

When can I take the test?

Registration begins on July 19, 2021. Testing must be completed between August 11 and September 19, 2021.

How do I register to take the test?

Register to take the test at the reduced rate on the PearsonVUE Unity page. 

  • Returning users, simply sign in. 
  • If you are new to the site, select Create Account and follow the prompts. 
  • Click View Exams. 
  • ​​​In the Unity Exam Catalog, select Unity Certified Professional: Programmer – Beta, then complete the registration process.
Do I have to go to a testing center to take the exam?

No. You can take the test via remote proctor at your own location using a secure internet connection and a video camera, or you can take it at your local PearsonVUE testing center (if open and available in your area).

What is the cost of the beta exam?

The beta exam is offered at a drastically reduced price of only $79 (retail price $259).

How can I provide Unity with feedback on the exam questions?

During your test, each question has a Comment button. Click it to enter your feedback to help improve the item for future test-takers. Most test-takers mark such items for review and, if time permits at the end of their test, go back and enter comments. This helps ensure you have ample time to complete the exam.

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