Bring AI into your project with Unity Sentis

Deliver new, dynamic experiences by running AI models through the Unity Runtime on user devices.

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The power of AI in your Unity game or app

Sentis brings the rapid pace of AI model innovation into game development. Import your model via the ONNX file standard, create new gameplay experiences, and publish on all Unity-supported devices.


Flexible AI model implementation

Sentis allows for standardized AI model implementations such as style transfer and speech recognition. Models can be customized through model weights, layers, and chaining multiple inferences.

High performance on user devices

Sentis leverages the compute power of end-user devices rather than the cloud, which eliminates complex cloud infrastructure, network latency, and recurring inference costs.


Technical features


An intuitive “plug-and-play” API makes AI model integration accessible via the ONNX model file standard.

No cost

Get free and unlimited AI model inferences with no cloud infrastructure required.

Multiplatform support

Sentis works with all Unity-supported platforms, from mobile to PC to popular game consoles.


Optimize your AI model for runtime environments, then call inferences at game speed for fluid gameplay.

Hardware optimization

Deploy inferences to the best available hardware (CPU or GPU) and leverage existing Unity compute and job systems.


AI models are run locally with Unity Sentis, with no data stored or transferred to the cloud.

Use cases

Sentis is a framework for importing and running third-party AI models but does not include its own models. Explore models on Hugging Face and find more here.

Object identification

Detect, classify, and segment objects with an in-game or on-device camera.

Customizable AI opponents

Power a board game opponent with specific rules and custom difficulty curves. Run a neural network trained on the game rules and determine game win probabilities after each move.

Handwriting detection

Identify handwritten numbers, letters, and symbols for unique gameplay interactions.

Depth estimation

Estimate the depth of real-world objects in an augmented reality view to occlude objects in a game scene.

Speech recognition

Convert live speech to in-game text using a machine learning language model for natural language interactions between players.

Smart NPCs

Automate dialogue and create meaningful interactions between players and NPCs without the limitations of manual scripting.


AI-driven gameplay

Learn how running neural network models on end-user devices can activate dynamic, living worlds like never before.

Technical samples

Explore how to enable simple features using Unity Sentis with samples for digit recognition, depth estimation, and creating reactive AI NPCs.

Technical documentation

Dive in with documentation and samples for Unity Sentis, and power up your game with AI.

Community discussion

Join a community of developers building the next generation of AI-powered games and applications.

Join the Unity Sentis open beta

Powered by our cross-platform game engine, Sentis enables AI models in the Unity Runtime to enhance your game or app on user devices.

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