Game Growth FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the Game Growth program?

Game Growth is a new game accelerator for mobile indie developers, currently in the early access phase. We partner with select indie game developers so they can quickly and effectively scale their games while remaining 100% independent. Becoming a partner gives you access to user acquisition funding alongside industry-leading tools and experts in player acquisition, engagement, live ops, monetization, and more.

How does the Game Growth program work?

Anyone interested in joining the program can start the application process on the Unity Dashboard. Tell us about your project and development team, then integrate the Game Growth package into your game via the Unity Editor. This package includes a suite of analytics tools designed to help measure key performance indicators within your game.

Once this package is integrated, we will take a look at your metrics. If your game is a suitable candidate, we’ll conduct user acquisition testing (funded by Unity). That will tell us if your game is a good fit for the program, at which point we can establish an official partnership. 

When you become a partner, our team works closely with you to optimize key elements of your game and begin user acquisition campaigns. This includes designing new features, integrating critical business services, and optimizing player engagement and monetization. Game Growth acts as your extended team of experts throughout the partnership.

How much does it cost to join the Game Growth program?

Game Growth operates under a revenue-sharing model. While Unity provides tools and services, you will always be in full creative control of your project. Unity and partnered developers each share the advertising and IAP revenue 50/50 after the acquisition spend (funded by Unity) has been recouped.

Why should I partner with Unity?

Unity is a trusted partner within the indie development community, powering more than 50% of all new mobile games. We provide industry-leading tools that let you acquire players, drive engagement, and monetize your game. The Game Growth program brings together our tools and products into one comprehensive package so you can accelerate your game while continuing to build amazing experiences for players.

Our mission is to set up independent creators for long-term success. Not only do we help grow your game during the partnership, but our team also works with you directly to integrate tools and best practices that will stay with you for years to come.

How long does a Game Growth partnership with Unity last?

Partnership length depends on several factors, primarily game performance metrics, which are assessed throughout the program. To set up independent creators for long-term success, we help grow your game during the partnership, but our team also works with you directly to integrate tools and best practices that will stay with you for years to come. 

Our goal is for developers to outgrow the program. We want you to accumulate a player base, gain knowledge of live game operations, integrate valuable technology, and generate enough revenue to self-fund another game or passion project.

What types of metrics do you consider in accepting partners?

In addition to other factors, we consider key metrics that help indicate success for potential partners, specifically, D1 retention, D7 retention, average session duration, average sessions per user, install conversion rates, and cost per install.

This sounds like publishing. Is Unity officially entering this space?

Game Growth is an early access program for Unity developers to make more resources available to help them scale their games. We provide funding for user acquisition as well as technology and resources to manage player engagement and monetization. You retain full control over your game(s), with complete creative freedom and ownership of all intellectual property.

Why is this only for free-to-play mobile games?

The Game Growth program currently focuses on supporting mobile free-to-play games because of the products, services, and expertise Unity has in that area.

How much user acquisition funding do partners receive?

Games can receive the equivalent of up to $1,000 USD in user acquisition funding during the testing phase. Once in the program, funding for user acquisition varies depending on a game’s performance and scaling success.

What is the revenue sharing model for the Game Growth program

We want to be clear about the terms up front so you can decide if Game Growth is the right program for you. Let’s break down the revenue sharing with an example:

  1. An indie developer has a mobile game that makes $3,000/month. They apply to the Game Growth program. Unity spends $100,000/month to acquire new users to the game, retains those users with dedicated live operations support, and grows the game to $130,000/month in revenue.*
  2. Unity would first recoup their $100,000 in monthly user acquisition costs, leaving $30,000 in monthly revenue. So the developer and Unity would share that $30,000 equally, giving $15,000 to the developer and $15,000 to Unity.*

*This model would continue throughout the partnership. We’re using this fictitious example to illustrate the revenue sharing model only. The exact investment/revenue amounts will not always be consistent month over month.

What resources will partners receive?

Through Game Growth, Unity designs and runs user acquisition campaigns to bring new players into your game. Unity helps you optimize your game economy, ad placements, in-app purchases, player engagement, and more. We will also run user acquisition campaigns outside of Unity’s ad network, if applicable.

How does revenue sharing work between Unity and indie developers?

Revenue from items like in-app purchases (IAP) and advertising networks will be split 50/50 between developers and Unity, after Unity recoups applicable costs. This revenue is sent directly to indie developers, who will then share it with Unity.

How do indie developers get paid?

Partnered indie developers will receive revenue directly from in-app purchases on a monthly basis, and Unity will collect ad revenues. Ad and IAP revenue and will then be shared 50/50 after Unity has recouped associated costs. Specifics on payment logistics will be discussed with each partner individually and will be designed to be as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Which advertising channels are used by the Game Growth program?

We use most major acquisition channels to accelerate our partnered games. Once you become an official partner, our UA managers will work with you to create a unique strategy that allows us to find the most efficient channels to acquire users and scale your game.

Which network is the UA test performed on?

This depends on a few factors, but generally, the user acquisition test is performed on Unity Ads, Facebook, or the most efficient channel for that game type.

Does the Game Growth program help with app store optimization (ASO)?

App store optimization is a key component of how we optimize and scale your game. If you become a partner, our team of game ops experts and marketing artists will work with you to create a highly unique and optimized ASO strategy.

What happens if I submit the same game twice? Can I submit the same game multiple times?

Currently, you can only submit a game once to the Game Growth program. You can submit multiple games, but they must be unique projects - so make your application count!

How long does the application process take?

The initial application process typically takes around 1 - 2 weeks. If selected, the user acquisition test can take an additional 2 - 4 weeks. These estimates are based on normal application volume and are subject to change.

Can I edit my submission after I have applied?

No, you can't make edits after your application has been submitted. You can save your progress during the submission process and finish it later, but you can fully submit your completed application only once.

Can I submit with both platforms separately?

You must submit both the iOS and Android versions of your game in a single application. This allows us to properly evaluate your project in one place.

How do I contact the Game Growth team?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us directly.

Application and partnership

How do I apply to the Game Growth program?

Application is easy; all you need is a valid Unity game live on iOS or Android. Then head to the Game Growth tab on the Unity Dashboard and begin the process. 

During the application, you will submit details about your game, development team, and provide general information about your project. You will also need to upload creative assets (images and videos) and integrate the Game Growth package via the Unity Editor.

What are the requirements to apply to Game Growth?

To apply to the Game Growth program your project must be: 

  • Made with Unity 2018.4 or later version
  • Free to play on mobile devices
  • Your game must support English
  • Aimed at players age 13 years and older (and not subject to COPPA)
  • Connected to the Unity Dashboard

Note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

What types of games can participate in the Game Growth program?

Game Growth is open to games of all types and genres, as long as they are free to play. However, in addition to meeting the basic requirements, your game must contain the mechanics necessary to run and optimize ads and monetization systems.

How does user acquisition funding work for the Game Growth program?

If you become a partner, Unity will cover the cost of running user acquisition campaigns to bring new players into your game. Partners do not receive direct funding from Unity.

Can I submit multiple games?

You must complete a separate application for each game you wish to submit. At the beginning of each application, select the game from the drop-down menu for the appropriate organization.

Can I submit an alpha or beta version of my game?

The Game Growth program is currently available only to games that are live and published on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Are there any language or localization requirements to be part of Game Growth?

Your game must be available in English. This is a requirement for our user acquisition networks and advertising. Your game may support more languages in addition to English.

How does “ad creative” work? What do I need to submit?

A big part of effective user acquisition is great advertising assets like videos and images. These pieces of “creative” let us run initial test campaigns and eventually larger user acquisition campaigns around your game. As part of the application, you must submit one “end card” image and at least one video for use in the initial test.

My application was not accepted. What now?

Currently, we can accept only a limited amount of partners, but we aim to expand the program. In the meantime, please consult our standalone guides and resources to help you grow your game.

While your project may not meet some hard requirements for Game Growth, we want to make the application process as easy as possible. To that end, we have comprehensive guides, educational content, and resources available to everyone on Game Growth page.

How many partnered developers will be in the Game Growth program?

We can currently accept only a limited number of partners. Our focus is to work with the community to improve the program to eventually expand the program to a wider group of indie developers.

Do any age restrictions apply to the Game Growth program?

Currently, we accept games aimed only at players aged 13 years or older.

Technical details

How much time does it take to integrate the Game Growth package?

If your game meets all the technical requirements, we estimate that the integration will take a maximum of 2 days.

How long does it take to hear back from Game Growth after my package has been configured?

We'll send you an email once your package has been successfully integrated. Once you receive the email, head back into the dashboard and confirm your project is ready for review. Package validation happens automatically, but you must confirm in the dashboard to continue your application.

What products make up the Game Growth package?

The package includes a number of features, primarily DeltaDNA (analytics), Adjust (attribution), Unity Ads SDK (ad monetization), and Unity IAP (monetization). This package is always expanding as we integrate more services into the program.

What version(s) of Unity does the Game Growth package support?

Your game must be made with Unity 2018.4 or later.

What if I already have one of these SDKs or technology solutions included in my game?

If your game already includes SDKs that are also part of the Game Growth package, they must be removed before you proceed with installing the Game Growth package. This is to ensure there are no version conflicts.

Are submitted details, videos, and images stored securely?

All materials submitted to the Game Growth program are stored on Unity servers compliant with industry-leading data privacy and security standards.


How does the validation phase work?

For your game to pass the “Run & Validate Integration” step, you must integrate the package correctly.

Set your environment to “Store” (Or, optionally, start with "Sandbox") in the Game Growth launcher prefab, then install your game on a device (a clean install by removing all previous versions and cached data), and run it several times. This will send events to deltaDNA (the events come pre-installed with our package and are automatically sent). Our system will automatically check for these events and update the dashboard.

Once validation is confirmed in the dashboard, hit the "I'm ready for review" button at the bottom of the page to confirm your project is ready for testing.

Do I need to pay for Adjust and deltaDNA? How does this work?

Adjust and deltaDNA are premium products used by the Game Growth program - with the associated cost covered by Unity. The starter intergration package contains Adjust and deltaDNA as the primary method of tracking your key metrics while we evaluate your game. If you become an official partner, these will be used extensively by our game ops team to optimize your game.

What happens with the Game Growth package if my application doesn't move forward?

If you're no longer a partner or in the application process, the Game Growth package can be removed from your project.

Why do I need to integrate the Game Growth starter package?

The Game Growth package includes two components (Adjust and deltaDNA) that allow us to effectively track and measure your key game metrics. These are essential for us to understand and evaluate your game, and should have no impact on your project or performance.

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